CubeKing - WorkstationWhy do so many businesses opt for workstations for their office furniture? For some, the word, “workstation” may bring to mind the all-entrapping and sterile square box and other notions that we get from movies like Office Space. But there is still much practical sense to investing in workstations, as the popularity itself shows. And, not everything out there has to be a hamster cage.

Workstations are ideal for manipulating your work environment just the way you want it:

Customize your work space. Some are highly customizable, and there are many cubicles out there that would make an executive desk look shabby.

Maximize usable space. Workstations are designed chiefly to save space, allowing for more employees or more airy room to move around.

Personal Bubble = Productivity. Workstations can be used to give employees enough private personal space to get their separate jobs done more efficiently. And they’ll still be able to easily collaborate with each other without having to constantly trek across the office, or, God forbid, shout.

Aesthetics & Sense. They eliminate the humiliation of tripping on wires and the subsequent confusing process of detangling the wires and plugging them back in. From the boss’s standpoint, uniform workstations and cubicles can be a good way to keep the environment at least looking clean and well-ordered. Add to the equation that uniform materials can be a good way of keeping things “even” among competitive employees.

Affording the Office Furniture You Need

The other side of being “practical” is being cost-effective. You might now concede that workstations are great, but still argue that affording a whole floor full and then getting them into the building and setting them up is another story.

Well, CubeKing offers another story for you. Whether your ‘plot’ is setting up a new office, integrating a home office, or attempting the demanding process of making 90 desks disappear, CubeKing is the character you’re looking for. We sell high-quality used and new office furniture at seriously discounted prices. Our story?

You can save up to 90% on our new and used office furniture. (Now that’s a happy ending.)

The sequel is that we can ship it to your office and set it up for you just the way you want it. We can even help you plan your workspace layout using highly technical space mapping AutoCAD systems for interior design.

To ask about our design, planning or liquidation services, contact . You might also want to check out our site at and request a quote.

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