lava lampRemember when you were a kid and you were so excited to show your friends your room? The bunk bed, the bean bag chair, the cool posters, the lava lamp? Your room was an extension of you, and getting your friend to like your room was part of getting them to like you.

black-workstation-chair1.jpgYour office floor and your executive office are extensions of the personality of you and your company. Getting potential clients and new recruits in the door only works if the door doesn’t swing off its hinges. Put another way, selling someone on your company is a lot easier to manage if they – and you – feel at home and comfortable in the space you share together. Mean it when you say, “mi casa es su casa.”

Some businesses may not give it much thought, but creating the right work environment is really not an ignorable task. Are you and your fellow employees bumping elbows, packed into your office like sardines? Is your idea of inscape an straight-lined orchard or a more organic grotto? Does your work environment reflect your brand presence and your target market’s likings?

desk planThese are questions that the expert office interior designers and planners at CubeKing ask clients every day. CubeKing is your comprehensive resource for all aspects of your workspace furnishing project, from planning to installation to removal and liquidation of unwanted furnishings. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, the CubeKing space planning team will provide you with accurate, to-scale drawings as well as detailed product specifications. So you don’t have to worry about getting your desk in the door and then not being able to close it. You can select from an incredibly vast inventory of the highest quality new and used furniture available. And you’ll save thousands of dollars through CubeKing.

Thousands… maybe enough to invest in some extra lava lamps?

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