In the blink of a virtual eye, corporate America has profoundly changed the way it outfits and empties its workspaces. With mergers, acquisitions, expansions and consolidations happening at the pace of speed-dating, the furniture industry is breathlessly struggling to keep up. Gone are the days of the leisurely move, when furniture purveyors could count on lead times typically stretching into months. Now also banished from board rooms are the profligate ways of yesteryear. The new platinum standard of Fortune 500 companies is turnaround speed and value without a commensurate sacrifice in quality.

truck.jpgEnter CubeKing, one of a new breed of furniture outfitters that is spearheading this revolution. The name of this new game is instant—instant responsiveness with instant savings. At the heart of this revolution is the Internet, which accelerates the purchasing and/or liquidation process from weeks to hours, and delivery/removal completed in days rather than months. As for value, the savings realized by corporations buying top-of-the-line brands through CubeKing range from 50% to an eye-popping 90%.

Mark Steinberg, CubeKing founderCubeKing was founded in 2001 by Mark Steinberg, an Orange County, California resident who runs the business over the phone and the Internet. By capitalizing on the resources of the Web, pioneers like CubeKing have established robust coast-to-coast networks of suppliers and installers. CubeKing has perfected a just-in-time purchase and delivery system that can outfit or break down offices in major metropolitan areas in North America.

CubeKing and its handful of competitors are generating buzz from Wall Street to Main Street. According to Scott Becker, former Real Estate and Facility Services Director of Pioneer Electronics, now Arrow Electronics, “at the end of the day, there are only so many ways that a project manager can reduce expenses for a company expanding or consolidating its offices. The most effective way is to utilize service-oriented, reputable, dependable ‘after-market’ vendors that can respond in real time with virtual resources.” Becker states that his company has saved $1.5 million using CubeKing, which he describes as “a proven leader” in the field.

So, when the management team at AOL’s complex in Mountain View faced the daunting challenge of vacating 6 buildings, removing 1,000 cubicles and everything in 50 conference rooms, liquidating the entire lot at a fair market value, and do it all in less than two weeks…who did they call? That’s right: CubeKing. Chances are the CubeKings of this world will be on the speed dials of facility managers all over the country—and, in time, no doubt the planet.

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