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Ergonomics is, according to, “The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Also called biotechnology, human engineering, human factors engineering.”

And all this time you just thought it was about cool-looking chairs. When it comes to being comfortable in the workplace, ergonomically designed chairs, desks and other furniture are the way to go.

Just Think About It. Ergonomic Furniture Makes Sense.

One way of thinking about the importance of healthy ergonomics in the workplace is to consider how much time is spent just sitting in front of the computer, compared to everything else. These aren’t straight statistics about national averages of personal time spent, but here is a ballpark estimate:

  • Work – 8 hours of work a day = 40 hour work week X 50 weeks a year = 2,000 hours or 83 1/3 days straight of hunched-over, squinting-at-the-computer-screen, crunching-fingers-typing and squeezing-into-a-desk-and-an-uncomfortable-chair work. That’s about 23% of the year, for the slacker.
  • Car – 2 hours a day of commute = 10 hours a week X 52 weeks to include that vacation driving = a low estimate of 520 hours or 21 2/3 days straight in the car.
  • Sleeping – 8 hours a night (yeah, right!) = 56 hours a week X 52 weeks = 2912 hours or 121 1/3 full 24 hr periods.
  • Eating – 3 meals a day at 1 hour more or less each = 21 hours weekly and 45.5 days straight of engorging oneself.

Add all those times up and you get at least 271 1/3 straight days of time spent mostly inside sitting on or laying against a piece of furniture. That leaves only 93 2/3 days time for other stuff like exercising and moving around, probably much less than that. And that’s only 3 months or 1 season. Imagine getting through winter and knowing you’ll be sitting down or sleeping for the rest of the year.

The point is, you spend far too much time at work to not feel comfortable and healthy as you do what you do. Many cases of chronic back and neck pain, bad posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and high stress are caused by office furniture that just ain’t comfy. These are conditions can affect you for years, infect other areas of your life, and drain your energy and your wallet. And they aren’t usually covered as “work related injuries”.

Therefore, Choose Ergonomic Furniture

The solution of course, is to stop going to work. Or for those of us that unfortunately can’t afford to do that, the common sense solution is to use ergonomically designed office furniture, like the seat above, offered by CubeKing.

Your Bottom’s Lines versus THE Bottom Line

If your boss doesn’t really care about your health and your sore bum, try reasoning with him or her about the bottom line involved. Ergonomic furniture improves productivity. Perhaps with a more productive staff, the new office furniture will naturally pay for itself, and more. There is also very affordable ergonomically designed furniture available through office furniture discounters like CubeKing. With less stress, a healthier work environment will be created, with minds (instead of bodies) bent on getting work done. Plus, quality ergonomic furniture looks nicer, which means a better impression on potential clients, which may very well mean more business. In sum, you get a healthier AND wealthier office – and a cooler-looking one, too.

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