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UKC213Make / Model: Keilhauer Conference / Task 765
High Back Keilhauer Chairs in 2 different fabrics. (48 Gray Plaid, 43 Black Checked Fabric)
Quantity: 91
Price: $ 175 each, plus delivery
Stock Number: UKC213
Color: Black Checked, Gray Plaid
Condition: 8.5 / 10
Notice: 43 Black Checked Fabric / 48 Gray Plaid
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UHI232Make / Model: Haworth Improv
Improv Task Chairs with full ergonomic adjustments. 2 have helicopter arms
Quantity: 8
Price: $ 112 each
Stock Number: UHI232
Color: Black
Condition: 8.5 / 10
Listed on:

UAL231Make / Model: Arcadia Lobby Chair
Leather Lobby Chairs
Quantity: 3
Price: $ 295 each
Stock Number: UAL231
Color: Black
Condition: 9.5 / 10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UBC220Make / Model: Bernhardt Club Chair
Bernhardt Club Chairs. (9) Designer Fabric, (3) Money Green Leather
Quantity: 12
Price: $ 225 – $ 295 (depending on condition)
Stock Number: UBC220
Color: Deep Green Thatched
Condition: Fabric 8.5 / 10, Leather 7 /10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UAT170Make / Model: Allsteel Task Chair Trooper ‘High Performance’
Allsteel Trooper Task Chairs. (They retail for $650- $800.)
Quantity: 18
Price: Only $125 each
Stock Number: UAT170
Color: Sedona Red Rock
Condition: 9 / 10
Notice: Great Condition!
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

USM84Make / Model: Steelcase Migration Chair
(6) Migration Conference 3 ft. round tables available with Voice/ Power/ Data receptacles built in. Caster rollers. Standard fold away worksurface attached at the arm rest. Compare to retail price of over $ 1200.
Quantity: 32
Price: $ 245
Stock Number: USM84
Color: dark mahogony wood/ hunter green – mocha fabric
9 / 10
Notice: 3ft. Migration tables 4 available, must purchase with chairs $ 245
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UIS186Make / Model: Import Stack Chair
(4) Gray Fabric / Black Base Stackable Guest Chairs
Quantity: 4
Price: $ 34 each
Stock Number: UIS186
Color: gray
Condition: 10 / 10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

USA148Make / Model: Steelcase by Metro Archipelago
Lounge Chair with table. Compare to retail price of $1500.
Quantity: 2
Price: $ 325
Stock Number: USA148
Color: tan with merlot swirls
Condition: 9 / 10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007


WHA 230

Whether you are refurbishing your existing office or moving into a new one, the sheer cost of office furniture can put a damper on the new look. At CubeKing, we think you should look at your new chair and think, “Wow, what a nice-looking, comfortable work chair!”, NOT the alternative of “I wonder how long I’ll be sitting there to work off the cost of that chair…?” CubeKing offers simply incredible savings on new and used office furnitureup to 90% off! That way, you can do your work in your newly refurbished office without the post-purchase dread associated with the cost. Sometimes there are savings on top of that, too – like discounted storage units that come with workstations. So check out our website for the latest in high-quality, brand name, discount used office furniture and get started building your new office space today!

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When you present yourself as a company that prides itself on attention to detail and full satisfaction of the customer, your office and office furniture should reflect that statement. Just as a fashionable outfit is not complete without just the right shoes, watch, jewelry, or purse, your office will not be complete without the right office accessory components.

CubeKing offers a wide variety of office components to spruce up your office and make things more convenient, too.

  • Use our bookcases, storage units, and filing cabinets that double as tables and high-quality furniture for a smart way to organize and look nice at the same time.
  • Desk shelf counters expand your workable area. Good for inflow/ outgoing papers, mail, staplers, bobble-heads, you name it – your desk area stays uncramped and clean.
  • Electric cable compartments hide your wires for the dual aesthetic and functional benefits of keeping your desk area neat and hazard free.
  • Partitions can be a good way to increase your productivity and ability to concentrate by offering visual and acoustic privacy and quiet from office noise and chit chat.
Bookcase Cherry Filing Cabinet UHB229
Wiring Compartment cubicle-wall-shelf.jpg White Board
cubicle shelf storage hidden shelf space cubicle storage grey cabinet

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Conference Room

Fun Lounge Area

Conference Rooms: Impressive, Fine Taste Lounge & Breakaway Rooms: Wind Down, Up-&-Coming Looks

Part of creating a more productive workplace is managing how the company staff operates in a group setting. Your company’s teamwork can function smoother as a whole if you and your fellow employees feel comfortable in a professional office environment with the appropriate office furniture for collaborative tasks. Whether it’s brainstorming sessions, kickoff meetings with clients, or something more casual, your office furniture should make these engagements easy to carry out. Creating an area where multiple minds can gather to share information at once can take a lot of factors into account:

Breakaway SpaceCommunication – Is the conference room table you are considering the type that you need a phone to call the other end? Is it circular to imply a level playing ground? Some conference rooms may have a visual display board or projector screen – is it easy for everyone to view?

relaxedComfort – Is there enough room for people to easily get into their chairs? Does the chair to table height ratio leave enough elbow room for eating, reaching across the table, or shuffling through papers, or does it make you hunch forward or lean on your elbows?

Aesthetics & Atmosphere – Does your office furniture match the other office furniture and/or the company colors? Does it have the appropriate energy for the task associated with it (i.e. more formal for boardrooms, more casual for breakaway areas)?

Steelcase Merlot Chair by Metro ArchipelagoForm & Function – You may want to consider investing in some office furniture arrangements that are flexible enough to move around depending on the type of collaboration. Chairs with wheels, chairs with arm desk space, conference tables that are able to be moved, etc., are just some ideas.

CubeKing supplies a variety of new and used office furniture for collaborating tasks. Our conference room tables and seating cater to both impressive, fine tastes and the less formal. Our lounge and breakaway room furniture is perfect for a wide range of tasks too, whether it’s brainstorming sessions, project development, status meetings, scheduling milestones or events, or discussing the everyday tidbits of office gossip. Whatever the collaboration involved, CubeKing has the office furniture to promote community within your workplace.

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Office Reception

The reception quality in your office is an incredibly important factor impacting the functioning of your business. Bad reception can be disgruntling to clients, makes a less professional impression, and can confuse communication. We’re speaking, of course, not of dropped cell-phone calls and roaming charges, but the quality of your reception area office furniture.

Reception Desk 1Office Reception: A Matter of Business Hospitality

When someone walks into your workplace, do they know where to go to find out who to talk to? It doesn’t have to be a client: you don’t want a new employee, a mail serviceman, or the Chinese food delivery guy to get lost, do you? (Nobody likes cold food.) As a general rule, people should not have to even think which way to turn off the elevator and should be directed automatically to your reception desk and comfortable seating in the office reception area. It’s not just common sense, not just good business, but what it comes down to is one solid value that is becoming less and less acknowledged in the corporate world: hospitality. Being hospitable is more than a warm greeting; it is showing guests and clients that you care, inviting them into be an integrated part of your group, and extending a fertile, open mind to their ideas. The reception atmosphere you create for them should resonate with all of these hospitable elements.

Funneling Funds through Furniture

Think of it this way. Your business office should operate like a circuit, or a machine. The output of your machine is not only your product or service, but the overall impression and perception of your company that visitors to your office leave with. The input is really the reception area, which manages the inflow of people and resources and is the first, last, and therefore the most preeminent encounter any visitor has with your business. Think of it as your power generator, funneling ideas and money to your desk, lighting your computer screen, and ultimately filling your bank account. This would make the reception desk arguably the most important piece of furniture in the whole office, and it should be given the attention it deserves.

Reception Desk 6CubeKing – The Solution to Your Reception Hospitality Needs

CubeKing is well-known for the great selection of high-quality reception desks and other furniture and seating for reception areas – considered the “Olive Garden” of office reception hospitality. The reception desks we offer combine high-quality make with very competitive prices (starting at only $2,100) for incredible value – a value your clients and visitors will see and recognize.