Executive Chair 1

You’re about to solidify a groundbreaking deal with a company. It is your first time visiting the office, and you are making careful observations during your visit so that you can make recommendations that may impact the way you may plan to do business with this company. Picture yourself walking into the executive’s office and being confronted with a general, nonsensical mess of disorganization ontop of a rickety old desk. You cringe, and hope that your contract doesn’t end up in that heap of papers underneath the CEO’s coffee mug! Now, suppose that instead you walk in and the boss turns his high-back black leather chair around to greet you and shake your hand across a clean, polished mahogany desk. Shaking his/her hand is much easier to do without having to without having to worry about bumping a rickety splintering desk and spilling that coffee!

Messy Desk

Impressions can make a big difference in doing business, and your first impression to both your clients (and potential clients) and your employees is your workplace surroundings, especially your office furniture. Using the example above, that means it’s better to opt for the high-back leather “boss” chair not just because it’s more fun to swivel around in – you should also do it for them! If your office furniture doesn’t absolutely thrill you, how can you expect it to adequately satisfy your clients-to-be? So give your executive office furniture some extra thought and ask yourself whether your office chair and office desk serve to:

  • Provide great comfort to help you concentrate and perform your work productively.
  • Reflect the quality of your company image.
  • Demonstrate excellence and show the work you have invested into your company.
  • Inspire your employees and create a welcoming and interesting environment for clients and visitors.
  • Distinguish yourself enough so that you get the respect and authority you deserve.
  • Provide enough privacy and quiet for conversations.

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