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Conference Rooms: Impressive, Fine Taste Lounge & Breakaway Rooms: Wind Down, Up-&-Coming Looks

Part of creating a more productive workplace is managing how the company staff operates in a group setting. Your company’s teamwork can function smoother as a whole if you and your fellow employees feel comfortable in a professional office environment with the appropriate office furniture for collaborative tasks. Whether it’s brainstorming sessions, kickoff meetings with clients, or something more casual, your office furniture should make these engagements easy to carry out. Creating an area where multiple minds can gather to share information at once can take a lot of factors into account:

Breakaway SpaceCommunication – Is the conference room table you are considering the type that you need a phone to call the other end? Is it circular to imply a level playing ground? Some conference rooms may have a visual display board or projector screen – is it easy for everyone to view?

relaxedComfort – Is there enough room for people to easily get into their chairs? Does the chair to table height ratio leave enough elbow room for eating, reaching across the table, or shuffling through papers, or does it make you hunch forward or lean on your elbows?

Aesthetics & Atmosphere – Does your office furniture match the other office furniture and/or the company colors? Does it have the appropriate energy for the task associated with it (i.e. more formal for boardrooms, more casual for breakaway areas)?

Steelcase Merlot Chair by Metro ArchipelagoForm & Function – You may want to consider investing in some office furniture arrangements that are flexible enough to move around depending on the type of collaboration. Chairs with wheels, chairs with arm desk space, conference tables that are able to be moved, etc., are just some ideas.

CubeKing supplies a variety of new and used office furniture for collaborating tasks. Our conference room tables and seating cater to both impressive, fine tastes and the less formal. Our lounge and breakaway room furniture is perfect for a wide range of tasks too, whether it’s brainstorming sessions, project development, status meetings, scheduling milestones or events, or discussing the everyday tidbits of office gossip. Whatever the collaboration involved, CubeKing has the office furniture to promote community within your workplace.

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