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UKC213Make / Model: Keilhauer Conference / Task 765
High Back Keilhauer Chairs in 2 different fabrics. (48 Gray Plaid, 43 Black Checked Fabric)
Quantity: 91
Price: $ 175 each, plus delivery
Stock Number: UKC213
Color: Black Checked, Gray Plaid
Condition: 8.5 / 10
Notice: 43 Black Checked Fabric / 48 Gray Plaid
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UHI232Make / Model: Haworth Improv
Improv Task Chairs with full ergonomic adjustments. 2 have helicopter arms
Quantity: 8
Price: $ 112 each
Stock Number: UHI232
Color: Black
Condition: 8.5 / 10
Listed on:

UAL231Make / Model: Arcadia Lobby Chair
Leather Lobby Chairs
Quantity: 3
Price: $ 295 each
Stock Number: UAL231
Color: Black
Condition: 9.5 / 10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UBC220Make / Model: Bernhardt Club Chair
Bernhardt Club Chairs. (9) Designer Fabric, (3) Money Green Leather
Quantity: 12
Price: $ 225 – $ 295 (depending on condition)
Stock Number: UBC220
Color: Deep Green Thatched
Condition: Fabric 8.5 / 10, Leather 7 /10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UAT170Make / Model: Allsteel Task Chair Trooper ‘High Performance’
Allsteel Trooper Task Chairs. (They retail for $650- $800.)
Quantity: 18
Price: Only $125 each
Stock Number: UAT170
Color: Sedona Red Rock
Condition: 9 / 10
Notice: Great Condition!
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

USM84Make / Model: Steelcase Migration Chair
(6) Migration Conference 3 ft. round tables available with Voice/ Power/ Data receptacles built in. Caster rollers. Standard fold away worksurface attached at the arm rest. Compare to retail price of over $ 1200.
Quantity: 32
Price: $ 245
Stock Number: USM84
Color: dark mahogony wood/ hunter green – mocha fabric
9 / 10
Notice: 3ft. Migration tables 4 available, must purchase with chairs $ 245
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

UIS186Make / Model: Import Stack Chair
(4) Gray Fabric / Black Base Stackable Guest Chairs
Quantity: 4
Price: $ 34 each
Stock Number: UIS186
Color: gray
Condition: 10 / 10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007

USA148Make / Model: Steelcase by Metro Archipelago
Lounge Chair with table. Compare to retail price of $1500.
Quantity: 2
Price: $ 325
Stock Number: USA148
Color: tan with merlot swirls
Condition: 9 / 10
Listed on: Oct-09-2007