Office Furniture Feng Shui

The quest for finding the right office furniture continues as we discuss the importance of incorporating feng shui principles in your office work environment. It’s important to think about how your office space is arranged and balanced because ultimately your office furniture — whether it’s new office furniture or used office furniture — not only says something about your company to visitors, but also affects the overall energy level of the company, on conscious and subconscious levels. This can impact employee motivation, productivity and retention, the creativity, focus, and quality of your project output, external and internal perception of your brand, and even bottom line results.

In part 1 of this series, we suggested choosing office furniture that takes into account your company’s chi, the mixture of motivating factors and ideas that propels your company and compels your clients. The office furniture that you purchase should consistently amplify the image that your company creates through its brand and slogan, its location and employees, its type of product and industry, and its positioning as to whether it conforms or deviates from the status quo in that industry. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a balancing act to decide what kind of office furniture to buy. For example, if you are a high-impact, super-energized, vibrant company but your client base is mostly on the conservative, frumpy side, it may be more appropriate for you to get black or green leather chairs which can be just as energetic as those swirly and polka dotted couches you were considering. You might also want to hold off on installing that zip line in the office too. Or, if you are repositioning your company as “more personable, more hi-tech than the competition” and/or if you have an influx of younger tech-savvy employees, you may want to pump up the chi level in the office by switching from grey to orange or chartreuse on the furniture or surroundings.

To provide a better understanding of what office furniture suits your company the best, here is a general rundown of typical company and appropriate office furniture categories:

Looking primarily for functional and economic value in your office furniture? This office furniture will help you maximize space AND lower cost.


Small businesses, low price tag consumer commodities, telecommunications, computer services
Some businesses bank on the cozy, personable factor: being able to make your clients and employees comfortable to help stimulate creativity and sales. New and used office furniture can offer the right quirks and styles for a trendy look with a lot of character.


Creative / design firms, outdoor and extreme sports, niche consumer products, arts and entertainment, media
Breakaway rooms, VIP lounge-like lobby areas, or desk areas designed to mesh work and play and make visitors feel at home.


Sports, design firms, casino, high-end retail architecture, hospitality / tourism, airlines
Conservative but classy, the companies in this category remain seriously focused on their work and still conscientious about their presentation.


Information technology, accounting, education, manufacturing, healthcare
Chic Biz
A step up from the rest, this designer office furniture says “savvy,” “stylish,” and “sales.” Highly focused on differentiating from the other high-end competitors.

chic business

Large media and entertainment firms, apparel and jewelry, fashion, internet, biotech, automotive, energy, engineering
High Calibre
Posh meets experience. This office furniture is designed to instill the feeling of credibility, trust and customer loyalty.

high caliber

Military / defense, government, banking, investment, consulting, finance, real estate, law firm

Of course there is no clear cut answer to communicating your company’s message through office furniture. Your company may even go against the grain — a “fun” bank or a serious style surf shop, for instance — to better stand out. It is also important to consider that different areas of the same office with their different uses may be designed to contribute a different atmosphere in their setting, a topic which we will discuss in further detail next time.

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Check back soon for another update on feng shui office furniture!

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