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Feng shui is no longer just an ancient eastern belief system, an architectural, landscaping, and interior design school of thought, an aspect of popular psychology, or time-tested practical way of rearranging your surroundings and regaining control of your life — it’s a part of the green initiative, too. How does feng shui help us reduce harmful ozone pollution and global warming, raise awareness of the environment, save energy, and make the world a better place? Read on to find out.

Integration with Nature

Feng shui literally translated means “wind – water”, describing its use of natural elements to balance universal life energy, or chi (aka “qi”). Feng shui principles of interior design as applied to homes and offices have an intensive focus on integrating with nature. Since the majority of us spend so much of our post-industrial lives working indoors, it’s important to our psyche, our physical health, and to our ecology around us to bring some of the outdoors into where you spend your 9 to 5.

Office Furniture Integration with NatureFeng shui teaches that organic, flowing and curving shapes help to stimulate and channel chi correctly to avoid bad angular and accusatory energy (sha chi) from threatening and entering the workplace. When applied to office furniture, this means more ergonomic furniture, which we all know is proven to be healthier and which de-stresses the work environment. Sustainable materials such as desks made from recycled wood or aluminum, are also encouraged. Windows are heavily incorporated with feng shui to allow better connection with nature, let in and out chi energies, and to let in the fresh air too. Water, especially fountains and fish tank aquariums, not only stimulates chi but cheers up the workplace and brings attention to natural elements too. Natural lights with the full spectrum of light wavelengths are less stressful on the eye, energy efficient, and urged by feng shui. Feng shui also incorporates natural symbols for good luck, prosperity, and protection, such as pigs, tigers, dragons, tortoises, phoenixes, frogs, red fish, cats, and eggs (red or golden ones). Plants (especially bamboo) on the floor, window sill, or on your office furniture are used to clean the air, absorb bad chi, and restore your healthy chi.

Office Furniture Go GreenConservation

Feng shui also emphasizes cleanliness and a strict rule of no clutter. This in turn creates cleaner, more organized habits in the workplace where finding and reusing stuff (thus reducing consumption) is easy. The macro effect is that cleaner habits mean not only less waste in the workplace, but less wasteful, careless practices such as littering, taking unwanted items to the dump instead of reusing or donating them, and an overall greener mentality. Feng shui also considers leaving your computers on at night akin to a child leaving the closet door open for the monster to come out, or like a nagging to-do item that won’t go away–not good for your restful energy levels. While this may make sense for your chi, or for the superstitious, it also makes good sense economically and to conserve valuable energy and natural resources.

Eco-Friendly Feng Shui Office LobbyLess Stress

Feng shui methods are used to perk up the office environment by incorporating more comfortable and healthier office furniture materials, office furniture designs, and office furniture arrangements. This has a significant impact on increasing employee satisfaction, health, retention, and productivity. Overall, this is money saved, not wasted on going after new hires or lost by cramped productivity. When your employees leave their jobs at five o’clock satisfied, they are less likely to take a bad day out on the road, in a hurry, which causes more accidents, backups, sitting in traffic, and a vicious spiral of rush hour stress–along with more greenhouse gases emitted. While an indirect effect, less stress has a very real impact on productivity, especially when economical productivity seems at odds with environmentalist efforts.

Going Green Doesn’t Have to Mean Green that’s Gone:

One final note: the holistic, organic integration of feng shui into your office environment does not have to be expensive, like organic foods. In fact, CubeKing offers new and used office furniture, with discounts of up to 90%. If you’re into conserving resources and energy by reusing consumer goods, we will liquidate or outfit your office completely. Our space planners are also excellent at helping arrange your furniture correctly for growing your business efficiently. To find the right office furniture for your office, contact us today at 1-888-399-7025 or at!

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