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Moving an office is a huge undertaking. But it can also be an incredible opportunity with tangible, very real, and very positive effects on the quality of life at work and the company as a whole.

Recently, a client of ours moved offices and wanted to share with us the effect that the move – and the furniture that came with it – had on their 9 to 5 work life.

The Right Chairs – The first thing I noticed about the new office and office furniture was how much of a difference my new chair made on my comfort level. My old chair was bulkier, had less adjustments, and in fact, one of the arms was falling off, and I had to keep screwing it back on. The new chair made an impression not just because of the arms actually being attached or the seat adjustments, but how the back felt against mine. Ergonomic chairs are the way to go, and reduced stress on the back, neck, and legs is only one of the benefits. I find my eyes are less strained during the day because while I’m still looking at the same computer screen for the same amount of time, I can lean forward or back in a way that lets me read at a reasonable distance in a position that puts less stress on me. Also, the seat adjustments are good for having my desk surface and chair at the right height ratio, so my legs and knees aren’t as bunched up, and my arms and mouse hand can rest easily, without adding undue pressure to my shoulders, which somehow used to get bunched up, too.

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The Right Desk – Going hand in hand with the right chair, having the right desk or workstation makes a big difference too. The desks that we purchased were over 7.5 feet wide, as opposed to the claustrophobic desk I used to have that was less than a measly 4 feet and had shelves falling off (I had to make sure I never set drinks up there or else I might have ended up with soaked file folders). I can now spread out my papers, stick out my elbows, and feel like I’m in better control over my surroundings.

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The Right Phones – The way our desk is now set up, we don’t have to have wires running all over the desk and getting tangled on each other. The phones and their cables are kept looking neat. Also, the new move was a great opportunity to install a new phone system too, which has helped my efficiency and concentration at work tremendously.

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Sound Control – While we actually don’t have cubicles, opting for an open air feel, we did install glass doors for shared but sequestered “private” offices. The result is an overwhelming feeling of calm, so much noise has been eliminated. The new phone system cuts out the need to always walk down the hall (or shout, as it had been the case) to communicate with co-workers. Where we could not install doors, we improvised a compromise by placing a long bookcase between distinct areas. Visually cut off and out of the way, the co-workers could still stay aware of what was going on the other room, which, from an acoustic and concentration perspective, was actually the perfect solution.

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Office Furniture’s Effect on Worker Productivity – With less interruptions, noise, and better feng shui (my chair isn’t facing away from the door anymore), along with the branded environment setting, I feel more professional, and therefore better motivated to do a good job. I also have less stress and improved concentration, so I am confident in carrying out my day to day tasks – and confident in saying that for some tasks I have improved my completion time by 50%.

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Office Budget – If the boss isn’t satisfied with the claim of increased productivity and workflow translating into profit after investing in office furniture, another way to look at it is savings. Not just saving time screwing back in that pesky office chair arm – you can save a great deal of money and buy high quality office furniture for a cheap price by doing some research – you’ll find the best office furniture suppliers out there are ones that will meet or beat other legitimate offers, so you can do all your shopping (including space planning, transportation, installations, and even liquidation, breakdown/removal, and storage of old furniture) in one place. CubeKing was the solution for us. Their low prices helped us do a better job with the place, to afford better furniture and still be mindful of other expenses, such as employee raises, expansion (which was part of the reason for the move in the first place) and the new rent.

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Branded Environment – However, I think that perhaps the greatest overall effect of the new office on our work life IS the overall effect; we have a very tied together, consistent look. With the corporate colors, logos, and signage riddled throughout, it helps to create a very professional ambiance that is good for productivity and concentration, attracting clients, instilling the need to remain organized and clean, and that emanates the authentic feeling that this is our home. This comes from a good (interior) design eye, great space planning, and only the best affordable furniture out there – from CubeKing, of course.

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If your company is on the move, in transition, or redesigning the office, consider the results this client had with their experience. The difference new (or new used furniture) can make is very evident, and can translate to better employee satisfaction, concentration, and production, leading to a profitable and wise investment. Remember, when it comes to high quality used office furniture, you can save up to 90% – that’s thousands of dollars! – just by picking up the phone and calling CubeKing, America’s #1 office furniture discounter at 1-888-399-7025.

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