New Home Office for the Holidays‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house,
Sounded faintly but frantic
The frenzied click of a mouse.

‘Twas Tim on his laptop
Awkwardly clicking away
Hunched over on the floor
With no office in which to stay.

For Tim was a nomad
In his own home
His office was all bare
So he had to roam.

Unfurnished it was,
Boring, barren and bleak
No desk, and no shredder
No chair of which to speak.

Countless times had he searched
His house for a good spot,
But it was no use:
The kitchen was too cluttered, the attic too hot.

His neck, back and legs cramped,
His shoulders ached for a massage
‘Til Tim was enlightened
While working in the dark garage.

“Too long have I said to myself
‘Office furniture just costs too much’
I’ll find quality furniture for cheap
And get a desk, chair, and hutch.”

“‘Tis brilliant! exclaimed Tim
And stood up as tall as a pillar.
“I’ll trade in my crouched Indian style
For a nice Herman Miller!”

Three inches taller he grew
In his holiday moment of Zen
His back realigned in new hopes
For an ergonomic chair in his den.

His frosty fingers flew
As he searched the Web for a good deal
Ninety percent off used furniture?
Tim’s eyes bulged – “That’s a STEAL!”

Then merrily Tim saw before him
The wonders of furniture by Hon,
Along with Allsteel and Steelcase, Keilhauer and Haworth,
Herman Miller and Teknion!

At last Tim’s plight was over
Ended was Tim’s furniture quest
He found all the right furniture at all the right prices
‘Twas answered his behest.

As visions of his new office
Dance in Tim’s task light
We here at CubeKing wish you
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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