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You Need to Space Plan

The Allakazzam Office – Reimagine Your Office in the Twinkling of an Eye

Planning or moving an office and its furnishings can be a real chore, an overwhelming task, a labyrinthine trap sucking up your time like a gargantuan black hole. Where’s your Mary Poppins when you need her to snap her fingers and make your old furniture disappear and morph into new furniture just the right size to fit into your new office? If you’re wondering how in the world you’ll ever be able to fit X number of desk units into X-1 amount of space in your new office, look no further. We have a way of working some magic on your office to simultaneously maximize space, incorporate the right, high quality spacious new or used office furniture, AND save you time, money and stress. Think it’s impossible? Think again.

Take a look in the crystal ball of our interior space planning wizards, and you will find a whole world of possibilities for your office space – all mapped out to accurate specifications. Full CAD technology, an eagle eye for detail, a wealth of experience, and a proven, efficient process give CubeKing the edge you need for planning your redesigned or brand new office space. We asked one of CubeKing’s space planning wizards, Keith Myers, about how the tricks of the trade. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how CubeKing pulls off the magic trick called “space planning”.

Space Planning Process

1) Organization – Information Gathering

During the initial phase of the space planning process, CubeKing gathers all your information regarding your office and office furniture situation. This includes:

  • Finding out how many cubes or workstations you wish to accommodate
  • Getting any drawings, layouts, or accurate blueprints of the proposed workspace
  • Collecting detailed measurements of floor space.

It also includes figuring out your overall objectives for what you want to accomplish with your new space and your goals as a company. If you are expanding, downsizing, reorganizing, or repositioning, this is taken into account during the first stage to effectively execute the rest of the space planning process. Be realistic with your goals, but also be articulate. Don’t say that you only want to fit 10 more workstations if what you really mean is you want to maximize your workspace, period (and vice versa). The experts may be able to find a way to fit more than that.

2) Visualization – Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

office space planningDuring this phase, CubeKing’s space planners lay out your redesigned office and proposed furnishings virtually. Using computer aided drawing (CAD) technology, they work from the specs of the detailed measurements or blueprint, and add to the picture furniture measurements that are either imported from their robust database or from any specs you provide. Being able to view pictures and/or models of your furniture is one thing. It’s hard to keep track of on your own though. Through CAD, the dimensions get plugged into the computer so you can see what kind of space you have to work with, add or subtract furniture, move stuff around, and see what works and what doesn’t. So you don’t have to play a guessing game when it comes to buying your office furniture.

3) Orchestration – Orientation & Arrangement

This is where the creative rubber hits the road. During this step of the process, your office furniture arrangements get finalized prior to installation. CubeKing’s expert interior design and space planning professionals work with you to turn your office into a practical, stylish, safe, and efficient work environment. They are also very experienced with legal issues like making sure your office layout is fire code safe. And with practical issues like “maintaining egress” or orchestrating your office furnishings so that passageways have sufficient space to get around and to the exits. They’re even sages at feng shui, and will orient your furniture for proper alignment with the forces of nature to bring fortune and success to your company. Taking into account everything down to the power outlets, CubeKing’s office space planning team has the eye for detail to arrange your redesigned office to your fullest satisfaction.

4) Installation & Quality Check

Finally, what could be better than having the same people who planned, designed, and laid out your new office and office furnishings be the one to buy from, move, and install the furniture? CubeKing’s trained expert installation team handles the tough job of moving, assembling, and orienting the furniture according to the approved furniture layout. This way, nothing is lost in translation and you don’t have to deal with the stress.

Working with CubeKing, you have the guarantee that your purchased office furniture will be installed to your liking. As proof in the pudding, one of CubeKing’s space planning wizards, Joe Weisman, tells the story about CubeKing’s furniture installation team quickly improvised and catered to a last minute decision by a client in California. For feng shui reasons, the client changed their minds and chose a different door to be the main entrance. To be sensitive to the feng shui workings of the office, the team happily rotated the orientation of the furniture for the client during the installation. All in a day’s work.

If you’re redesigning or moving your office, you need a space planner. CubeKing is your end-to-end resource for all aspects of your workspace furnishing project, from getting the furniture in to getting it out. Call CubeKing at 888-399-7025 or email them at to get started building your CubeKingdom today. CubeKing is the man with the plan for all your office furniture and office space needs:

  • Office Furniture Delivery & Installation
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Digital Photography Services (optional)
  • Office Furniture Liquidation
  • Furniture Disassembly & Break Down
  • Furniture Removal
  • Furniture Storage
  • Office Furniture Transportation

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Quality Brand Name Office FurnitureFifty-seven employees, 2 floors, 6 departments, 9 private offices, 10 desk sets, 2 corner desks, 36 workstations in pod layouts of 6, all 5.5 x 5.5 to 8 x 8 squeezed into X by Y by Z space under a $24,325 budget is a lot of numbers to remember. Not to mention the different styles and colors of office furniture required, how to store a gazillion files and supplies in one tiny room, and where the outlets are. Coming up with a good, efficient, and practical plan for a whole new office can be a major, overwhelming problem. Our recommendation? Space planning.

Why You Could Space Plan – Challenges
Below are just a few of the various reasons why companies end up with a need for space planning:

  • New Office – Moving into a new office environment is probably one of the most overwhelming transitions that companies go through.
  • Redesign of Office – Repositioning your brand or company look, branding your office environment, and altering the layout for departments or organized teams can benefit your company tremendously if you do right.
  • Expand or Downsize – More people or less people can necessitate new solutions for office furniture or office furniture arrangements.
  • Planning for Flexibility – Depending on your employee’s work types (telecommute, part-time, temp, etc.), your lease, or if your work environment doubles with a different function (meeting hall, ballroom, rented space), it may be smart for you to incorporate office furniture in a layout that allows for multiple possibilities.
  • Upgrade Office Furniture Systems – Tired of reattaching your chair arms or looking at the gum on your desk? Upgrading your furniture in a consistent manner may constitute an overhaul of office space.

Why You Should Space Plan – Reasons

  • Time – Letting an expert help you out saves you time not only in the planning process but also in the actual move of the furniture and in the long haul, as you will be able to plan with more foresight.
  • Budget – It’s easy to go over-budget if you don’t know where to find the office furniture discounts or the opportunities available to you. It pays to have someone help you to not only stay within budget, but also get the biggest bang for your buck. Keep an eye out for discounters like CubeKing, who will beat the price for legitimate offers thrown their way, thus offering a deal and services you can trust.
  • Research – It’s also easy to get bogged down with a lot of price comparison shopping, research on different office furniture makes and models, etc. Asking the experts incorporates this step and saves valuable time.
  • Measurements – Taking the tape measurer out for every bit of furniture can also be time-consuming. Using a CAD drawing system in a computer can help keep track of measurements or pre-measured inventory in an organized fashion.
  • Logistics – While you may be great at packing your suitcase, your refrigerator, or your closet to save space, it’s also important to remember that people take up space and need to move around, too. Space planners can help you maximize space while keeping everything mobile and allowing for safe and fire code/legal free space to enter and exit the rooms of the office.
  • Organization – Ever buy a piece of furniture and find out that you can’t fit it through the door? With space planning, this won’t happen, and you’ll be able to keep track of units and measurements much faster and easier.
  • Visualization – Space planning that integrates CAD drawing technology offers the vast benefit of being able to visualize your entire office before you purchase or install the furniture. This is an essential tool for helping you making the right decisions when it comes to designing or redesigning your office space.
  • Orchestration – Suppose you like the ideas associated with Feng Shui arrangement of your furniture but don’t have a clue? Our office space planning experts can help orient and arrange your office furniture according to the right standards and principles of design.

Reinvent Your Office Space Boardroom

Why You Should Choose Us to Space Plan – Benefits

Space planning with CubeKing is better because:

  • Wide Range of Office Furniture Selections – Our enormous inventory gives us the advantage of better enabling you to find the office furniture that suits your needs. Choose from the best name brands – Herman Miller, Teknion, Allsteel, Haworth, Keilhauer, and more – all at discount prices!
  • Design and Planning Expertise – With years of experience as America’s #1 office furniture discounter, we are prepared to help you solve any problems and achieve the office interior you desire.
  • Turnkey, Full-Service Solutions from Start to Finish – With our vertical integration of services, we’ll help you get the old furniture out, stored or sold, and the right furniture in, installed and oriented to your satisfaction – all at an incredible discount.
  • Less Hassle, More ValueYOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Time space planning, time installing, time getting rid of your old furniture, time researching, time shopping, time coordinating, money associated with the time you would have spent, money saved on the discount furniture, money on the long-term possibilities that could be expensive if not planned for, money on the liquidation, removal and storage fees, money on involving employees in the process…the list goes on. Just call us, we’ll handle the rest.
  • Save Space, Save Money – Remember, you can also save by utilizing space planning services to maximize your space, which saves money by not having to rent additional space. You can also increase the overall profits of your company, resulting from better employee health, morale and productivity caused by a better thought out work environment.
  • Our Double Guarantee – You have our guarantee on delivery and installation of your furniture by our trained experts – to your satisfaction. You also have our guarantee that we’ll beat anyone’s price on used office furniture.

Call us now. Get it done now. Get it done right. Call us at 1-888-399-7025 or go to for a free quote on our office space planning services and office furniture sales for you.

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    Read more about our Space Planning Process here.

    Office Furniture Fine Taste

    Private Offices

    Private offices empower cutting-edge organizations with freedom of choice, allowing them to design their own layouts without compromising certain elements critical to executive and managerial process flow. Call centers, investment firms, software companies, staffing agencies, and countless other vertical markets that design with “open concept” office layouts can use private offices and workstations to create more enclosed personal space for managers and directors.

    This can be done without compromising the overall essence of a company’s open concept interior design. This is possible due to the ingenious design of the private office itself. In many ways, a private office works like a cube without looking like a cube.

    What makes it unique from a traditional executive environment is the way it consolidates space.

    A traditional office spreads itself out horizontally, positioning task and storage areas in designated areas throughout the room.

    A private office is much more compact. It utilizes otherwise wasted vertical space to create desktop areas, storage compartments, and communication environments. This is much more practical for companies looking to quantify a tangible return on investment in office furniture procurement. More efficient use of space means less square footage costs, and greater consolidation of task means greater efficiency, focus, and a more self-contained presence.

    It is an established psychological fact that presence is a key element to leadership. Meeting with employees in a typical cube, conference room, or at a table in an open area does not communicate the same atmosphere of authority than a personal, private office creates. Organizations that set their management staff slightly apart from operations often note that employees are much more responsive to managerial directives. They gain a clear understanding of their goals and job requirements more quickly than they do in less formal environments where everyone shares the same general space regardless of position or title.

    Managers frequently comment that private offices give them greater focus for working on long-term projects. Although personal workstations are usually not completely enclosed like traditional offices, they nevertheless offer more privacy than tables and cubes in open areas. Some even feature highly decorative glass walls that provide a measure of soundproofing as well.

    This minimizes distractions, reduces mistakes, and sets a better tone for operations because the manager is working faster and more efficiently in a more productive personal arena.

    Private offices can add an entirely new dimension to any commercial environment. They represent the full gamut of material builds and functional components. There is no singular style or type of private office, either. These workspaces can consist of anything from the Old World conservative look to the avant-garde of the most advanced contemporary used and new office furniture on the market.

    Everything from U-shaped and L-shaped desks, mini-conference tables, overhead cabinet space, and integrated filing compartments can be found in today’s private offices in both used and discount new furniture configurations. Certain industries such as helpdesk shadow companies and stock investment firms can also find models specifically designed for call centers. These enclosures are a bit more open than their executive counterparts, but nonetheless offer more separation, privacy, and storage room than standard cubicles.

    To view examples of the many varieties of private offices available to your organization, visit now.

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    Office Reception Desk Top

    New Office Furniture

    New office furniture should never be purchased simply because of its looks. It has to add practical value to corporate process flow and pay for itself with more efficient division of labor, improved employee morale resulting from a better personal environment, and improved employee health resulting from ergonomically sound equipment.

    The following product groupings detail a number of features and benefits that new office furniture can deliver to any organization, large or small.

    Office Cubes and Call Center Cubicles
    Office cubicles play a number of key roles in new office furniture layouts. In addition to creating private space out of open floor space, they help establish division of labor.

    A cubicle is almost like a complete office compacted to an individual level. It provides desktop workspace, storage areas, privacy partitions, and access panels for IT and phone system cabling.

    Although they are not designed for aesthetic appeal, call center cubicles are a must-have for any telemarketing or customer support operation that is serious about investing in new office furniture. Call center cubicles are task-oriented and built with forward motion and employee focus foremost in mind.

    Both office cubes and call center cubicles can be customized with a variety of specialized accessories that include overhead cabinets, tempered glass screens for better soundproofing, rail tile for paper tray accessories, and even 3-drawer pedestal units on casters.

    Private Offices and Workstations for New Office Furniture Layouts
    Private offices transform the basic shape of a cube into a more enclosed and personal office environment for an executive, manager, or board director. They tend to offer more separation from surrounding floor space than standard office cubes provide.

    This is not to say, however, that they shut out the world in the same fashion as four walls and a closed door. Many new office furniture discounters such as CubeKing provide a number of workstations and private offices that use highly decorative glass partitions to maintain two-way visibility at all times, but simultaneously block distracting noises.

    New Reception Desks for Office Furniture Layouts
    Companies adding new office furniture to foyers and waiting areas will be pleasantly surprised to learn that reception desks have evolved far beyond the cluttered flattop desks of old TV shows.

    New reception desks found through name-brand furniture discounters such as CubeKing are more like reception workstations than traditional desks. They create partial separation of space with smaller partitions that allow the receptionist to make eye contact with clients and visitors but keep confidential materials, computer monitors, and personal materials out of sight.

    Many receptionists’ desks also allow seating for more than one person so that telephone, computer, and clerical operations can be divided among multiple employees.

    New Office Furniture Seating
    The comfort of one’s chair may seem like an insignificant luxury at face value, but when we consider that people spend 6-8 hours a day sitting in a chair behind a desk, it becomes readily apparent that both employee morale and employee health will begin to deteriorate if discomfort turns into consistent pain.

    The explosion of research into the tangible values of ergonomics has led many people to redefine the comfort zone as an ally—not an enemy—of success.

    In fact, the demand for more ergonomic seating is one of the greatest motivators that can lead procurement managers to consider buying new office furniture in the first place.

    Minimizing stress on the back is of the utmost importance when selecting chairs, and since people vary widely in height, new office chairs from major furniture manufacturers such as Knoll and Herman Miller normally offer options in low-back, mid-back, and high-back designs.

    These chairs also include a number of user-friendly adjustment controls that adjust pneumatic lift, swivel, and armrests.

    Office Round Table DiscussionTables for Conference Rooms and Offices
    Both offices and conference rooms can benefit from new tables that unite tasks, values, and aesthetics.

    The symbol of the mythical Round Table endures in our minds to this day, and it still finds its way into both our popular culture and our commercial environments.

    The original Round Table was built by Arthur to make all men – even the King — united and equal before the higher principles of Truth, Justice, and Service.

    The archetypal meaning of this symbol has not changed, and adding this touch of proven antiquity to your new office furniture layout can only add strength, integrity, and unity to your executive team.

    For complete details on new office furniture designs, layouts, accessories, and material builds, visit

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    Typical Office Workstation High QualityDiscount Office Furniture Allows New Businesses to Invest Venture Capital Wisely With Superior Results

    Venture capital is much better invested when it is funneled into prime commercial real estate and strategic marketing programs as opposed to being squandered on overpriced furnishings and excessive interior decorating. Discount office furniture in both recently used and brand new condition can give a new business a running start on capturing the market by streamlining expenditures of precious startup funding. This can be accomplished without diminishing office aesthetics. Discount office furniture is not “cheap” in terms of appearance and durability, but rather affordable in terms of item and delivery costs.

    Office furniture discounters such as CubeKing have risen to positions of market prominence because they have transformed furniture supply from an exclusively product-oriented industry into a product/service hybrid. Any discount office furniture supplier inventories strategically with two client needs foremost in mind: cost consolidation and efficient use of floor space.

    Cost consolidation means more than saving money — it means spending money wisely. Many fledgling corporations have considerable revenue to invest in the most sophisticated office layouts imaginable. However, these organizations are very savvy in the way they invest their funding. They know that excessive extravagance on the part of a designer can backfire on the aesthetic — often creating a faux nouveau riche look that looks cliquish and aloof.

    Discount office furniture layouts offer a better alternative. They allow for a wider and more eclectic combination of traditions, styles, material builds, and motifs to be combined into something uniquely personal to a particular corporation, department, or individual. Reduced line item costs allow procurement managers more unilateral selection power, letting them pick and choose specific pieces without having to purchase an entire office suite from a distributor or professional designer just to obtain a few key items.

    Almost any discount office furniture supplier is going to offer used furniture to pass the maximum possible savings on to the client. Used furniture in near-mint condition is becoming increasingly available through online channels such as CubeKing for two reasons. For one thing, global distribution networks have become so sophisticated that almost any used item can be obtained in whatever style, color, build, and condition the client desires. Secondly, most distributors warehouse in facilities that feature advanced climate controls and sophisticated material handling equipment. This keeps furniture in optimal condition and maintains a new appearance even if the product is stored for a long period of time.

    Office Furniture Fine TasteMany people will be pleasantly surprised to learn that discount office furniture can also be obtained brand new from the factory. Because the internet has become a procurement tool unto itself, distributors often act as channels that directly represent major manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Hon, Teknion, Steelcase, and Knoll. Because the Information Age now allows us all such rapid turnaround, it is not uncommon for a supplier to arrange for the manufacturer to drop ship furniture straight to the client’s location.

    This reduces the price of office furniture immediately because it eliminates warehousing overhead, and it saves everyone time and money at the end of the day.

    To look at the many categories of used and new discount office furniture available to your startup business, and to download free creative layouts that you can employ to brand your office environment with superior decorum, visit now.

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