Executive Chair 1

It has a presence. You’re not sure why you’re so drawn to it. It’s like the wafts of smoky flavored air guiding you to a summer barbecue. Or maybe the sound of the sea, the glow of neon lights downtown at night, or the glint of something shiny. Nobody really knows exactly why, but the high-back leather chair has an existence that exudes an appeal that can be described as nothing short of a magnetic, legendary, Jungian universal appeal. The high-backed leather chair is indeed an archetypal symbol stocked with full meaning and mystery derived from the ancient depths of office inhabiting history. Ain’t nobody who don’t like a high-back leather office chair.

UAL230Maybe it’s the smell of the rustic leather, stimulating our shared memories of adventure and fortune in the American West. Maybe it’s the feel – something that is first cold to the touch but warms with hours spent sitting in it, with days of earning its affection and companionship – similar to man’s best friend. Or maybe it’s the look of style, which sends a pronounced message loud and clear like surround sound stereo system. Whatever “it” is, the high-back leather chair is never lacking for fine taste.

High-Back Leather Office ChairThe high-back leather office chair emotes not only fashion sense, but fashion experience, fashion daring, and moreover, fashion success. You may not even be in a fashionable industry. It doesn’t matter. The chair is like a photograph of you holding the big fish, the trophy prize, cutting the ribbon. Without any imagination, any onlooker will assume (rather, know for a fact) that you’re successful; at least successful enough to afford this emblem to comfort your tush. You also promote awareness of your high standard of quality. A chair, especially if it’s in the privacy of your own office, is an item of immense personal value that says a lot about your character – much more than a high end Cadillac Escalade, Rolls Royce, or Jag. It is an immediate extension of your psyche, a second-layer blanket for your ego outside your skull. The high back offers strength and protection; the sexy leather sheen shows an insightful, knowledgeable surface reflective of its environment; the padding provides safety and comfort; and the bold dark color evokes the intimidation of acquired wealth and career power and the propensity to self-actualize – all of Maslow’s needs, right in one comfy place.

It is this last and highest fulfilled human need that sticks the most with the meaning of the high-backed leather chair: power and self-actualization. After all, it is typically acquired through one’s merit – money, time spent climbing the corporate ladder, or the power of a successful idea from a CEO’s entrepreneurial intellect. The throne is reserved for the successful in the office as it is in culture. We’re trained by the media to recognize powerful boss icons on thrones, like Conan the Barbarian warrior-king. Or villains like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series who zooms around on his black pointed chair with a joystick to control sharks with lasers on their heads. Even the cartoon bad guys have high-back leather chairs, like Dr. Claw, the head of the M.A.D. organization from the Inspector Gadget cartoon (the guy whose face you never see, just his cat). Now, having a high-back office chair is not about being a bad guy. Perhaps it’s about having a mixture of intimidation and approachability – the good cop / bad cop mentality that is sometimes necessary for negotiations. When you’re in a high-back leather office chair, YOU are the confident one in control of the situation.

Get in control. Get the high-back leather office chair you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy spinning around intimidatingly, and cackling here and there. You’ve earned it. CubeKing is America’s #1 office furniture discounter, providing high quality new and used office furniture across the nation for great prices. Check out our site, cubeking.com and find the high-back leather chair that’s right for your throne room — err, office. We can’t promise any sharks with lasers on their heads though.

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