Retro Office Furniture - New and Used Office FurnitureWe thought it would be a good idea to take a look at where we’re heading in the new year. One thing that we found is that the future is the past. That is, our post-modern society is heading towards cultural trends that this world has seen already. At the trunk of this generational deja vu tree is the broadly used term “retro”. Retro is all the rage, and the twenty-teens (2010’s) are looking like a bit of grungy memory mud in our side view mirrors. Hand in hand with the Go Green environmental awareness movement, we are recycling old ideas, too – in ways that are more individualistic, more fashion-forward (or is it fashion-backward?) and of course, more modern.

Eco-Friendly Feng Shui Office LobbySure, the styles and outfits have combined the 90’s and late 60’s and 70’s, melding recent surfer subculture, alternative and punk to more distant flower power rock. There’s the throwback you-name-it: bell bottoms, messy hair, oversized shades, plenty of bling and accessories, and jeans with holes in them (except ours are manufactured in these days). One could argue that “originality” is being expressed by merely latching on to a pre-established, yet popular trendy uniform. On the other hand, you might see the current trend in cultural style as fusing several older ingredients together to create something even better – pea soup with a twist.

Call Center 1Meanwhile, modern technology and a survivalist independent attitude have led the thriving iPod generation to influence the other Generation Y, Generation X, and even Baby Boomer decision-makers incredibly rapidly. Now grandparents and pre-retirees are just as connected with the web, consumer culture, and media content as their grandkids fresh out of grade school. The generational lines of culture are blurring and refreshing at the speed of new technological advances which may divide but ultimately reintegrate them. Like new computer processors that are obsolete by the time they hit the market, it may be that the iPod generation could be the last we can actually define without at least a century of scope for perspective, since each new generation – for all its incredibly distinct individuals – will be instantly integrated… perhaps bred Bluetooth enabled.

Fun Lounge AreaFinally you have that fashion-forward sentiment. Mostly this means that while there’s holes in our jeans, we’re more image conscious than we used to be. Whether companies or individuals, we are brands, and whether we are aware of it or not, we are marketing ourselves constantly outside – and inside. While the outside image of a company is obvious, frequently it seems companies do not realize the impact of their image on the inside.

Cue the high quality used office furniture and interior design and space planning specialists from the west coast – CubeKing. Enter the retro office.

The reasons for the retro vintage office are manifold, and it is amazing what an impact going retro with your office furniture can have.

  • Steelcase Merlot Chair by Metro ArchipelagoOffice Camouflage – Company culture and dress codes are becoming more informal and casual – wouldn’t it be nice to blend your relaxed attire into a more matching environment?
  • Stimulate Creativity with Office Furniture – We’re all inspired by our surroundings, so it makes sense that in a retro office, one may be better able to keep up with the trends of the times.
  • tech training tableBuilt to Last – High on the clunky steampunk metal, darker wood, and buttoned leather surfaces, old-fashioned phones, and tank desks, vintage office furniture in general is sturdy and long lasting. After all, history wouldn’t be repeating itself if it didn’t stand up to the years in our closets.
  • Corporate Character – As mentioned, the generational lines are fading out like old jeans. Retro is something both the boss and the temp can enjoy. Plus it adds some richer flavor to the space. Consider it a team bonding tool.
  • dark deskCorporate Colors – With the great number of companies out there that are rebranding themselves, redesigning their logos and sites to retro subdued analogous colors, creating a retro office environment can help things sync better.
  • Retro Office Furniture Aesthetics – It looks groovy baby.
  • Better Image = More Profit – The quality of the image you project to your clients who come in, as well as internally to your employees will translate into the caliber of payment you can charge, and the way your brand is perceived.

Retro Office Lobby ChairSo what’s the best place for office furniture to suit up for the retro trend ahead? Well, what’s the best place for retro clothes? Your parent’s closet – get it USED. And CubeKing is America’s #1 USED office furniture discounter. We we sell all kinds of both new and used high quality brand name office furniture, so you’re sure to find the right mahogany office desk, leather lobby chair, or other retro office furniture in excellent condition just by visiting Check back in frequently as we have new inventory come in all the time.

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