Branded Office Lobby

The Rise in Branded Environments

In this first part of a four-part series, we explore the background of a major trend in business strategy and office design: branded environments. More and more companies are beginning to realize the value of their brand and capitalizing on their brand equity through innovative, unexpected channels that allow people to interact with their brand in new ways. One prime example of how this major trend is manifesting itself is the rise in branded environments. According to Wikipedia, branded environments “extend the experience of an organization or company’s brand or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior settings.” As new and used office furniture discounters, we would like to share the impact that the growing trend in branded environments has had in creating branded office environments, complete with branded office furniture systems.

Cause: Brand “Enculturaction”

Where did the idea of branded environments – especially its application to the office workplace – come from? This macro-shift in marketing strategy is an outgrowth from the twin forces of customer relationship marketing (CRM) and a more integrated and interactive culture, springing from Web 2.0, advances in media and technology, and a heightened attitude of individualism. The consumer is king in today’s economics, and companies are catering their brands, products, and their content to the consumers’ demands. The major benefits of brand interaction to the consumer are that they stay more informed of the company’s activities and also get to participate in a brand’s culture that they value as part of their own. This “enculturaction” between the brand and the consumer benefits the company by reinforcing the brand image and awareness in culture, sharpening and communicating their message, and of course, increasing sales from a brand loyal client base.

Effect: New Brand Interaction Mechanisms

So what are the new tools that companies are employing to create a heightened sense of brand interaction? Traditional media and brick-and-mortar stores have always allowed for limited interaction with a company’s brand and products, but some stores and places of business are expanding on new modes of interaction.

  • Interactive & Community Websites: Now, interactive websites allow for online demos and tutorials on products that can’t come out of the box at the stores. An increasing number of websites are community-oriented, too, allowing users to rate products, share feedback with the company, or connect to each other in forums, chat rooms, blogs, or even online games.
  • Virtual Branded Environments: Advanced websites are creating wholly branded environments, visually representing the brand with virtual characters, or “avatars” and enveloping the user in a virtual place symbolic of the brand’s values or message. A perfect example is, a rich media site allowing the user to interact with Geico’s mascot cavemen in their virtual apartment – cavemen that have since earned their own TV show as another place in the heart of consumer popular culture. Many companies are also subscribing to Second Life, a virtual community full of possibilities for creating a virtual brand community and brand interaction.
  • Physical Branded Environments: Then of course there is the incredibly effective tool of branding your business front – your office, your store, your building. A rapidly increasing number of physically branded living environments are popping up, each featuring a different flavor of experience-oriented brand interaction or exposure, and exhibiting all the essential characteristics of branded environments, including brand symbols like logos, iconography, slogans, and corporate colors; mascots; signage; corporate products; consistent design aesthetics; physical layout and modeling; and deeper interaction with the company’s message, mission, or product.

Brand Your Office with New & Used Branded Office Furniture
and a Combined Approach to Interaction

Branding your office by careful selection of design, layout, materials, office furniture, and other elements can really pack a punch for your brand. One of the major advantages of employing this technique for your business is that it offers a great opportunity to incorporate all of the above interactions with your brand in one place. You can combine increasing your brand’s presence on the web with creating your sense of community and character in your office through a computer kiosk in the lobby, using unique, consistent, and relevant interior design, utilizing matching new office furniture or used office furniture that go with company colors, and other techniques to allow visitors to cruise through your virtual and physical environments.

Get Started Crafting Your Office Environment Now

CubeKing’s team of interior designers, space planners, furniture installation and liquidation specialists, and office furniture consultants can help you create the customized branded environment crafted to enhance your brand and your appeal to customers and employees alike. Create an office, create a home, create an interactive dream to live and work in with CubeKing’s incredible savings on high quality new and used office furniture.

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