Call Center 4Last time (part 2) we left off with a various assortment of branded environments in different types of industries, along with mentioning a helpful array of different shades of branding an office environment. In our first article in this series, we discussed the background of the trend in brand interaction and branded environments, and why branded environments offer the best and widest opportunities. Now we’d like to share the major benefits of branding your office environment and the Top Ten reasons why you can should keep up with this trend in doing business.

Top Ten Reasons for Creating a Branded Office Environment:

  1. Make your Company Culture More Vibrant: Invigorate a sense of a lively company culture through the inspiration of a creative surroundings and design flexibility. Areas where your employees and visitors interact with the brand spread pockets of interest and deepen understanding of your company.
  2. Instill a Sense of Community: Call it “brand bonding.” You’re throwing on more than a uniform dress code by branding your environment; you’re naturalizing citizens of a new land. Coworkers and clients will feel that they belong with your company better if they can see the flag that they’re rallying behind.
  3. Reinforce Teamwork: Just as it’s easier to be friends when you live closer to somebody, branded pod layout workstations and uniform workgroup areas can create a sense of closeness and cooperation for work teams. Even if the teamwork becomes competitive between departments, it can be seen as a healthy move for the company.
  4. Establish a Unique Heritage: Don’t be afraid to be a little inconsistent with your otherwise branded environment. Perhaps you have old logos, sentimental chairs, or other quirks you still want to display. Against a branded backdrop, these props will seem to come out of the woodwork and become intriguing points of discussion with clients and visitors. Exhibiting the progression of your brand and product in a showcase area is an excellent way to show off your experience over the years.
  5. Incentivize Good Quality Work: As mentioned above, branding your office provides excellent ways to display your work. Challenge your employees to fill a blank wall with a great ad, a new product, or better yet, a sales award.
  6. Increase Employee Satisfaction and Boost Morale: Improved and uniform branded office furniture helps to ensure equality and employee comfort, leading to an increase in employee retention.
  7. Improve Overall Quality of Brand Image: Create an environment that is more aesthetically pleasing, inviting, comfortable, and hospitable to everybody. It says your company pays attention to detail.
  8. Reduce Distractions: Blending in the brand along with consistent new or used office furniture usually achieves the removal of visually and/or logistically dissonant furniture from your surroundings, making the workplace less cramped and cluttered.
  9. Bulk Discounts: Quantity discounts (offered by office furniture discounters like CubeKing) help you save on similar brand office products like chairs and desks.
  10. Financial Return On Investment: And the bottom line reason is that creating your branded office environment will impress your employees and clients and pay for itself in time. The more professional you look, the bigger and better the clients will be that roll in. Again, the idea that brand interaction improves customer retention is something that has proven itself and spurred the trend; branding your office environment is definitely worth your best shot.

Look out for our final flourish of this Branded Office Environment series where we’ll teach you how to create a branded office environment. While you’re waiting for our fourth installment, visit for more information on the latest new and used office furniture at discounts of up to 90%!

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