Typical Office Workstation High QualityDiscount Office Furniture Allows New Businesses to Invest Venture Capital Wisely With Superior Results

Venture capital is much better invested when it is funneled into prime commercial real estate and strategic marketing programs as opposed to being squandered on overpriced furnishings and excessive interior decorating. Discount office furniture in both recently used and brand new condition can give a new business a running start on capturing the market by streamlining expenditures of precious startup funding. This can be accomplished without diminishing office aesthetics. Discount office furniture is not “cheap” in terms of appearance and durability, but rather affordable in terms of item and delivery costs.

Office furniture discounters such as CubeKing have risen to positions of market prominence because they have transformed furniture supply from an exclusively product-oriented industry into a product/service hybrid. Any discount office furniture supplier inventories strategically with two client needs foremost in mind: cost consolidation and efficient use of floor space.

Cost consolidation means more than saving money — it means spending money wisely. Many fledgling corporations have considerable revenue to invest in the most sophisticated office layouts imaginable. However, these organizations are very savvy in the way they invest their funding. They know that excessive extravagance on the part of a designer can backfire on the aesthetic — often creating a faux nouveau riche look that looks cliquish and aloof.

Discount office furniture layouts offer a better alternative. They allow for a wider and more eclectic combination of traditions, styles, material builds, and motifs to be combined into something uniquely personal to a particular corporation, department, or individual. Reduced line item costs allow procurement managers more unilateral selection power, letting them pick and choose specific pieces without having to purchase an entire office suite from a distributor or professional designer just to obtain a few key items.

Almost any discount office furniture supplier is going to offer used furniture to pass the maximum possible savings on to the client. Used furniture in near-mint condition is becoming increasingly available through online channels such as CubeKing for two reasons. For one thing, global distribution networks have become so sophisticated that almost any used item can be obtained in whatever style, color, build, and condition the client desires. Secondly, most distributors warehouse in facilities that feature advanced climate controls and sophisticated material handling equipment. This keeps furniture in optimal condition and maintains a new appearance even if the product is stored for a long period of time.

Office Furniture Fine TasteMany people will be pleasantly surprised to learn that discount office furniture can also be obtained brand new from the factory. Because the internet has become a procurement tool unto itself, distributors often act as channels that directly represent major manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Hon, Teknion, Steelcase, and Knoll. Because the Information Age now allows us all such rapid turnaround, it is not uncommon for a supplier to arrange for the manufacturer to drop ship furniture straight to the client’s location.

This reduces the price of office furniture immediately because it eliminates warehousing overhead, and it saves everyone time and money at the end of the day.

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