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Planning or moving an office and its furnishings can be a real chore, an overwhelming task, a labyrinthine trap sucking up your time like a gargantuan black hole. Where’s your Mary Poppins when you need her to snap her fingers and make your old furniture disappear and morph into new furniture just the right size to fit into your new office? If you’re wondering how in the world you’ll ever be able to fit X number of desk units into X-1 amount of space in your new office, look no further. We have a way of working some magic on your office to simultaneously maximize space, incorporate the right, high quality spacious new or used office furniture, AND save you time, money and stress. Think it’s impossible? Think again.

Take a look in the crystal ball of our interior space planning wizards, and you will find a whole world of possibilities for your office space – all mapped out to accurate specifications. Full CAD technology, an eagle eye for detail, a wealth of experience, and a proven, efficient process give CubeKing the edge you need for planning your redesigned or brand new office space. We asked one of CubeKing’s space planning wizards, Keith Myers, about how the tricks of the trade. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how CubeKing pulls off the magic trick called “space planning”.

Space Planning Process

1) Organization – Information Gathering

During the initial phase of the space planning process, CubeKing gathers all your information regarding your office and office furniture situation. This includes:

  • Finding out how many cubes or workstations you wish to accommodate
  • Getting any drawings, layouts, or accurate blueprints of the proposed workspace
  • Collecting detailed measurements of floor space.

It also includes figuring out your overall objectives for what you want to accomplish with your new space and your goals as a company. If you are expanding, downsizing, reorganizing, or repositioning, this is taken into account during the first stage to effectively execute the rest of the space planning process. Be realistic with your goals, but also be articulate. Don’t say that you only want to fit 10 more workstations if what you really mean is you want to maximize your workspace, period (and vice versa). The experts may be able to find a way to fit more than that.

2) Visualization – Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

office space planningDuring this phase, CubeKing’s space planners lay out your redesigned office and proposed furnishings virtually. Using computer aided drawing (CAD) technology, they work from the specs of the detailed measurements or blueprint, and add to the picture furniture measurements that are either imported from their robust database or from any specs you provide. Being able to view pictures and/or models of your furniture is one thing. It’s hard to keep track of on your own though. Through CAD, the dimensions get plugged into the computer so you can see what kind of space you have to work with, add or subtract furniture, move stuff around, and see what works and what doesn’t. So you don’t have to play a guessing game when it comes to buying your office furniture.

3) Orchestration – Orientation & Arrangement

This is where the creative rubber hits the road. During this step of the process, your office furniture arrangements get finalized prior to installation. CubeKing’s expert interior design and space planning professionals work with you to turn your office into a practical, stylish, safe, and efficient work environment. They are also very experienced with legal issues like making sure your office layout is fire code safe. And with practical issues like “maintaining egress” or orchestrating your office furnishings so that passageways have sufficient space to get around and to the exits. They’re even sages at feng shui, and will orient your furniture for proper alignment with the forces of nature to bring fortune and success to your company. Taking into account everything down to the power outlets, CubeKing’s office space planning team has the eye for detail to arrange your redesigned office to your fullest satisfaction.

4) Installation & Quality Check

Finally, what could be better than having the same people who planned, designed, and laid out your new office and office furnishings be the one to buy from, move, and install the furniture? CubeKing’s trained expert installation team handles the tough job of moving, assembling, and orienting the furniture according to the approved furniture layout. This way, nothing is lost in translation and you don’t have to deal with the stress.

Working with CubeKing, you have the guarantee that your purchased office furniture will be installed to your liking. As proof in the pudding, one of CubeKing’s space planning wizards, Joe Weisman, tells the story about CubeKing’s furniture installation team quickly improvised and catered to a last minute decision by a client in California. For feng shui reasons, the client changed their minds and chose a different door to be the main entrance. To be sensitive to the feng shui workings of the office, the team happily rotated the orientation of the furniture for the client during the installation. All in a day’s work.

If you’re redesigning or moving your office, you need a space planner. CubeKing is your end-to-end resource for all aspects of your workspace furnishing project, from getting the furniture in to getting it out. Call CubeKing at 888-399-7025 or email them at to get started building your CubeKingdom today. CubeKing is the man with the plan for all your office furniture and office space needs:

  • Office Furniture Delivery & Installation
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Digital Photography Services (optional)
  • Office Furniture Liquidation
  • Furniture Disassembly & Break Down
  • Furniture Removal
  • Furniture Storage
  • Office Furniture Transportation

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