Quality Brand Name Office FurnitureFifty-seven employees, 2 floors, 6 departments, 9 private offices, 10 desk sets, 2 corner desks, 36 workstations in pod layouts of 6, all 5.5 x 5.5 to 8 x 8 squeezed into X by Y by Z space under a $24,325 budget is a lot of numbers to remember. Not to mention the different styles and colors of office furniture required, how to store a gazillion files and supplies in one tiny room, and where the outlets are. Coming up with a good, efficient, and practical plan for a whole new office can be a major, overwhelming problem. Our recommendation? Space planning.

Why You Could Space Plan – Challenges
Below are just a few of the various reasons why companies end up with a need for space planning:

  • New Office – Moving into a new office environment is probably one of the most overwhelming transitions that companies go through.
  • Redesign of Office – Repositioning your brand or company look, branding your office environment, and altering the layout for departments or organized teams can benefit your company tremendously if you do right.
  • Expand or Downsize – More people or less people can necessitate new solutions for office furniture or office furniture arrangements.
  • Planning for Flexibility – Depending on your employee’s work types (telecommute, part-time, temp, etc.), your lease, or if your work environment doubles with a different function (meeting hall, ballroom, rented space), it may be smart for you to incorporate office furniture in a layout that allows for multiple possibilities.
  • Upgrade Office Furniture Systems – Tired of reattaching your chair arms or looking at the gum on your desk? Upgrading your furniture in a consistent manner may constitute an overhaul of office space.

Why You Should Space Plan – Reasons

  • Time – Letting an expert help you out saves you time not only in the planning process but also in the actual move of the furniture and in the long haul, as you will be able to plan with more foresight.
  • Budget – It’s easy to go over-budget if you don’t know where to find the office furniture discounts or the opportunities available to you. It pays to have someone help you to not only stay within budget, but also get the biggest bang for your buck. Keep an eye out for discounters like CubeKing, who will beat the price for legitimate offers thrown their way, thus offering a deal and services you can trust.
  • Research – It’s also easy to get bogged down with a lot of price comparison shopping, research on different office furniture makes and models, etc. Asking the experts incorporates this step and saves valuable time.
  • Measurements – Taking the tape measurer out for every bit of furniture can also be time-consuming. Using a CAD drawing system in a computer can help keep track of measurements or pre-measured inventory in an organized fashion.
  • Logistics – While you may be great at packing your suitcase, your refrigerator, or your closet to save space, it’s also important to remember that people take up space and need to move around, too. Space planners can help you maximize space while keeping everything mobile and allowing for safe and fire code/legal free space to enter and exit the rooms of the office.
  • Organization – Ever buy a piece of furniture and find out that you can’t fit it through the door? With space planning, this won’t happen, and you’ll be able to keep track of units and measurements much faster and easier.
  • Visualization – Space planning that integrates CAD drawing technology offers the vast benefit of being able to visualize your entire office before you purchase or install the furniture. This is an essential tool for helping you making the right decisions when it comes to designing or redesigning your office space.
  • Orchestration – Suppose you like the ideas associated with Feng Shui arrangement of your furniture but don’t have a clue? Our office space planning experts can help orient and arrange your office furniture according to the right standards and principles of design.

Reinvent Your Office Space Boardroom

Why You Should Choose Us to Space Plan – Benefits

Space planning with CubeKing is better because:

  • Wide Range of Office Furniture Selections – Our enormous inventory gives us the advantage of better enabling you to find the office furniture that suits your needs. Choose from the best name brands – Herman Miller, Teknion, Allsteel, Haworth, Keilhauer, and more – all at discount prices!
  • Design and Planning Expertise – With years of experience as America’s #1 office furniture discounter, we are prepared to help you solve any problems and achieve the office interior you desire.
  • Turnkey, Full-Service Solutions from Start to Finish – With our vertical integration of services, we’ll help you get the old furniture out, stored or sold, and the right furniture in, installed and oriented to your satisfaction – all at an incredible discount.
  • Less Hassle, More ValueYOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Time space planning, time installing, time getting rid of your old furniture, time researching, time shopping, time coordinating, money associated with the time you would have spent, money saved on the discount furniture, money on the long-term possibilities that could be expensive if not planned for, money on the liquidation, removal and storage fees, money on involving employees in the process…the list goes on. Just call us, we’ll handle the rest.
  • Save Space, Save Money – Remember, you can also save by utilizing space planning services to maximize your space, which saves money by not having to rent additional space. You can also increase the overall profits of your company, resulting from better employee health, morale and productivity caused by a better thought out work environment.
  • Our Double Guarantee – You have our guarantee on delivery and installation of your furniture by our trained experts – to your satisfaction. You also have our guarantee that we’ll beat anyone’s price on used office furniture.

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