Typical Office Workstation High QualityFurniture Project Management Takes Procurement Into the Realm of Business Development Strategy
Part I in a 3 Part Series

Project management” is normally a term that business owners associate more with activities than with tangibles. Furniture is seldom the first thing that comes to mind when management launches a new project. This is unfortunate, because the principles of business clearly teach us that everything pertaining to matters of business functions best in its own world when approached from a project management perspective. Furniture acquisition is no exception to this principle, and momentary failure to realize the tangible benefits and economic practicalities of thoughtful planning and design PRIOR to the point of purchase can result in significant loss of revenue. Office furniture purchased haphazardly in the haste of activity and distraction more often than not proves itself inadequate to the task of fulfilling expectations that were strongly felt, but never properly conceptualize, projected, and planned to begin with.

This is where working with a furniture project management consultant from CubeKing can deliver immense value both through savings and superior outcomes in functionality and design. Furniture project management may not be a commonly used term yet, but it will be in the near future as more companies recognize that procurement is in and of itself a project that requires careful planning to target achievable and profitable objectives.

CubeKing’s system of furniture project management consists of a two-stage strategy that manages process flow from the empty suite to the open door on the first day of business. Each stage represents a set of plans of specific actions custom to client environment, industry, and need.

The following summary takes a brief look at each stage in CubeKing’s method of furniture project management and itemizes the most significant components of each stage. Further articles in this series will examine both of these stages in greater detail and demonstrate how CubeKing’s leadership in this emerging industry transforms the abstract into concrete and generates results that are measurable and quantifiable from an economic and an ergonomic perspective.

1. Design Services that form the foundation of furniture project management.

  • Space planning analyzes floor space, vertical cube space, utility access points, and entryways/exits within the suite. This is crucial to developing a template for subsequent design.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) creates a preliminary 3D model for the proposed office layout. This establishes work areas and enables visual conceptualization of individual office furniture components.
  • Electrical, voice, and data planning links service access points to the proposed office layout design. This ensures safe and reliable power and communications networks are realistically conceptualized and planned prior to installation of furniture.
  • Furniture, Fixtures, & Office Equipment Standards are carefully reviewed prior to drafting the purchase order.
  • Expansion Programming is also provided at the request of clients who may already be considering property acquisition or new facilities. This links back to CAD services where 3D layouts can easily be modified and expanded at will.

2. Furniture sourcing allows for cost effective, rapid, and precision furniture procurement.

  • CubeKing’s access to all major furniture manufacturers allows us to fulfill both client need and client preference simultaneously. We supply both used furniture and new furniture from industry giants such as Knoll, Herman Miller, Teknion, and Steelcase.
  • Both our expertise in procurement and our strong relationships with factories and enables us to handle all the fine details of furniture project management and take the stress and pressure off of in-house procurement personnel.
  • Pricing discounts can always be obtained by opting for used office furniture in near mint condition. New furniture discounts can also be obtained through our sophisticated drop shipping networks and onsite installation teams.

Segmenting our process flow into two strategic components allows us to be simultaneously systematic and flexible. While our general approach to furniture project management is similar in almost every consultation, the specifics we deliver to clients are always unique and specifically targeted on a case-by-case basis.

This liberates both us, and our clients, from the perception of impersonal rigidity that many hold of the office furniture resale industry. We offer discounts not only with a personal touch, but also with a personal plan of action with client prosperity as the paramount goal in mind.

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