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Furniture Design Services Are the Essence of Effective Furniture Project Management
Part II in a 3-Part Series

When we speak of furniture design services, we are speaking of the essence of furniture project management. Furniture design services save businesses time and money by combining order processing, office layout planning, CAD design, drop shipping, and physical arrangement of pieces into one smooth process flow. Business need not endure the hassle of having to coordinate multiple vendors, nor do they have to accrue the additional expense of interior decorators.

CubeKing will handle every aspect of space planning, consultation, CAD office planning, shipping, and setup for the benefit of our clients and the maximum outcome of profitability and impeccable aesthetic. This single-source vendor has perfected a process flow that rapidly conceptualizes, delivers, and organizes discount used and new office furniture in sophisticated and customized office layouts to clients throughout the United States.

Space Planning is the first brick in the foundation of furniture design service.

CubeKing consultants begin with analyzing measurements of horizontal square footage and vertical cube space (the distance between the floor and the ceiling). Both are critical to space planning, because the vertical cube represents a vast, often untapped resource of workspace that can be filled with workstations, private offices, and office cubes with overhead cabinets and storage bins. Taking a three dimensional approach to planning the office layout ensures that we miss nothing that can be used to make the most of existing office space and create an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically sound environment.

Next, CubeKing Consultants create a preliminary 3D model of the office layout using Computer Aided Design (CAD).

CAD planning transforms the abstract, conceptual elements of furniture design service into a concrete, visual model that clients can evaluate prior making decisions. We can place any component at will into this model, showing what the office will look like when filled with cubes, workstations, executive private offices, chairs and seating, and reception desks. This allows clients to assume a partnership role in furniture design service. The CubeKing consultant recommends strategies for office branding and feng shui layouts. The client has the power to choose specific components to fill in those spaces with elements that reflect personal style and taste.

Before finalizing furniture office design, electrical, voice, and data access points are carefully crossed referenced in conjunction to our 3D model.

This is essential to ensure safe and reliable operability of computers, phones, and electrical power after delivery and setup of discount new or quality used office furniture pieces has been completed.

Likewise, it is also necessary to double check that all furniture, fixtures, & office equipment are in full compliance with all company policies and any relevant regulatory codes.

Once CubeKing furniture office designers are convinced that all criteria have been impeccably met, we assist the client in drafting the final purchase order, contact the appropriate sources, and arrange for drop shipping to the client’s location. When it arrives, our installers position the physical components in accordance to the finalized CAD model.

Expansion Programming is also provided at the request of clients who may already be considering property acquisition or new facilities.

We have added this component to our furniture design service offering due to the high number of clients we continue to encounter that are planning a move, new construction, or annexation of adjacent office space. Such future considerations can easily be integrated into the consultation and CAD planning segments of our process flow to provide a seamless outcome for both present and future endeavors.

Indeed, furniture design services deliver a great deal of savings to clients who otherwise would have to waste precious hours developing their own office layouts using only two-dimensional planning tools and a network of multiple vendors they would have to juggle against conflicting schedules and process flows.

CubeKing’s single source approach to furniture project management begins with furniture project design and completes the outcome with furniture sourcing from leading manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Hon, and Kimball.

Part III in our furniture project management series will examine in detail the many elements of furniture sourcing and the innovative strategies we used to provide our clients with the very best used office furniture from the world’s best manufacturers, and how our furniture design service team can even procure brand new office furniture at impressive discounts.

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