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Office Furniture Sourcing Forms the Backbone of Effective Furniture Project Management

Just as furniture design services constitute the essence of furniture project management, furniture sourcing forms the backbone of its action and delivery power.

The cost effective, rapid, and precision furniture procurement it offers is essential to making the whole process worthwhile to the client to begin with. Because the goal is to create a superior outcome in both the merchandise itself and the arrangement of that merchandise, a strong supply line is necessary to getting the right products to the right places at the right times. CubeKing relies on two primary sources for furniture: world leading furniture manufacturers themselves and a nationwide network of used furniture resale channels. This allows us to bring multiple options to the table from the inception of client interface. New companies who may be initially opposed to the idea of anything “used” will quickly realize that near-mint condition used office furniture is a cost savings factor that can redirect venture capital into business operations and strategic marketing.

Clients who, for whatever reason, wish to purchase brand new furniture will be equally surprised to learn that CubeKing’s versatile and rapid turnaround on furniture sourcing can drop ship any piece with substantial discounts from Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, and many more leading brand names straight to their door.

CubeKing’s access to all major sources of name-brand office furniture allows us to fulfill both client need and client preference simultaneously.

It is vital that we keep both a pulse on the industry and maintain ongoing dialogue with brand name furniture manufacturers. This keeps our process flow strong and effective in terms of generating discounts. Relationships on both sides of the table drive our momentum. On the one side of the table is the furniture source itself: the manufacturer. On the other side of the table is the consumer, seeking the best in branding and most cost effective methods of procurement, shipping, and installation.

Two key factors play a defining role in our methods of furniture sourcing: clear communication and rapid distribution. CubeKing furniture design consultants begin relationships with clients by taking a leadership role in office planning and furniture design services. This enables quick and accurate data collection that is then streamlined through our own procurement channels in both used and new office furniture sources.

This efficiency and expertise in procurement couples with strong manufacturing partnerships into a synergy that handles all of the fine details of furniture project management.

It also serves to take the stress and pressure off of company personnel by saving them the time of negotiating price, shipping, delivery, and installation through multiple vendors. New companies or recently relocated organizations especially value this courtesy. By delegating all responsibilities of furniture sourcing to a single vendor, clients can devote their attention to the more important matters of marketing and value production.

CubeKing’s furniture sourcing is engineered to deliver maximum discounts for both used and new office furniture.

We understand that price is a consideration to most companies in today’s economy, and we accommodate this need across the board. Our drop shipping distribution network allows us to send brand new components straight from the factory to the client’s office space and to eliminate the intermediary costs of warehousing and multi-party handling costs.

Pricing discounts can always be obtained by opting for used office furniture in near-factory condition. Our multi-tiered structure allows us to obtain specific used models of any type per client demand, and our shipping channels can deliver and install them anywhere in the country.

Visit now to view in detail the many categories of both used and new office furniture available, and see how furniture project management can match product to design, operations, and budget for any organization looking to spend money wisely.

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