Go Green in Your Office with the Right Eco-Friendly New and Used Office FurnitureWhy You and Your Company Should Go Green

Going green is not just a passing fad. It’s here to stay. As a movement, the environmental green initiative has, expectedly, permeated every corner of our culture, instilling a Jungian environmentally friendly consciousness. And because it’s here to stay, it’s time we all woke up, listened up, and got real serious about it. Like Incredible Hulk green.

Where Did All this Going Green Stuff Come From?

There are plenty of reasons to go green. First and foremost of course, is the role we all play in caring for nature. But even if you’re not a genuine nature lover, there’s the science you can trust that has observed the effects of global warming, the greenhouse gas emissions, temperature increase, pollution, Arctic ice cap meltdown, biological mutation and adverse effects, and more. Ignore all that, and there’s still the smog in the air over the cities, the crazy weather, increasing energy prices, etc. Environmentalism has been increasingly in the media, ever since El Nino of 97-98 (and even earlier). Recent movies have commented on the environment, like The Day After Tomorrow where the earth freezes due to global warming, and The Simpson’s Movie, where the EPA takes over Springfield. Environmental activist Al Gore’s 1992 book, Earth in the Balance, and his 2006 film documentary An Inconvenient Truth have also gotten the world’s attention. In America, the 2005 Energy Policy Act, the executive order 13423 on “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management” and other legislation have created corporate tax incentives for green efforts and encouraged individuals and organizations to pursue environmentally-minded conservative action when it comes to energy usage, industrial emissions, transportation alternatives, and more.

It Pays to Go Green with Office FurnitureDoes Money Really Grow On Trees? A Greener Environment Means More Green for Your Business

If that’s not enough reason to “go green”, green is (money). Many companies are looking into the green initiative not only out of goodwill, but because it also means conserving resources, saving money, and reducing waste. It’s also good business – “green” products pull out higher prices and profits with consumers who prefer spending their money on a good cause, green business efforts are good press, and the social responsibility that comes with it enables businesses to take on a leadership role within their community.

Fashionable and Efficient CubicleHow Do I Get Started Going Green?

As a business, there are basically four main categories of green initiative involvement:

  1. the investments you make in the materials, design and construction of your office,
  2. the conservative, efficient, and sustainable office furniture and other office materials you use to fill your office,
  3. the way you use and dispose of those office materials, and
  4. the environmentally minded simple actions you can take and eco-friendly philanthropic program ideas.

In the following series of articles, we will touch on various tips on how to go green with your business through these four areas of involvement. Since 90% of what you put into your office is office furniture, there are be many opportunities for you to help the environment AND your business through choosing the right office furniture.

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