Corporate Green InitiativeWhen considering how you can help the environment and “go green” with your business, the immediate inclination may be to look for environmental non-profits to donate to, perhaps with a tax deduction in return, too. While donating to other environmental awareness and preservation groups is to be commended, many companies are not aware of the actions they can take to amend their resources close to home towards achieving greater environmental friendliness. As a matter of integrity in this respect, and as a way to further benefit the environment, your business, and the greater good, here are some tips as to how you can incorporate the right office office furniture to promote a healthier, greener, sustainable office environment.

Greener from the Ground Up

Check into the materials of the office furniture itself. Usually a manufacturer will be able to supply the types of materials and energy consumed in the manufacturing of the office furniture. Sustainable materials are generally composed out of renewable rather than non-renewable parts, recyclable rather than non-recyclable. Ask the manufacturer if the parts are recycled and/or recyclable. Aluminums, some steel, plastics, plastic lumber, particle board, and some woods are a start. Keep in mind that determining sustainability of a product also involves assessing the durability and efficiency of the product so that resources go farther with longer product life. Here are some good trusted resources for determining sustainable materials and learning more:

Your DeskSustainable, Durable, High Quality

Find office furniture that is in good or mint condition, of excellent make, and durable so that it will last a long time and be able to be reused by others. This is generally easier to do than checking out the parts. Using a trusted office furniture resource is the best approach to purchasing high quality office furniture, especially potentially larger investments like workstations, desks, desk sets, uniform task chairs, conference tables, and reception desks. Even better is to find a trusted resource that inventories trusted brand name office furniture in several different styles, so that you are more likely to find a good fit for your company and for meeting standards in quality, durability and the right materials for the office furniture. Nationwide office furniture suppliers/discounters also offer bulk discounts and the convenience of a one stop shop.

Buy USED Office Furniture

When you buy used, you save valuable resources and help the environment. On principle, this rule applies to all products, since everything takes energy to manufacture or even recycle. Therefore, think about your alternatives for buying used office furniture for your office. For one, you can save thousands of dollars by going with an experienced and trusted office furniture discounter. Save even more time and money by finding an office furniture discounter you know you can trust – CubeKing, a California-based national supplier that carries inventory of both new and used office furniture, guarantees to beat the lowest price of any legitimate offer on used office furniture. You can also comparison shop with them in that they also carry new office furniture, too. Buying used office furniture also has its aesthetic appeal too – you can stay uniform, go for a quirky look, or even integrate a ‘retro’ style into your office.

Office Furniture Disposal and Liquidation

By the same token, if you have office furniture to sell or otherwise dispose of, it’s better to call savvy office furniture liquidators before moving a finger. They can buy the office furniture off your hands and resell it to other companies who would gladly reuse it, and are more likely to buy from an office furniture reseller than hunting around at a Salvation Army. Don’t let your valuable resources go to waste! CubeKing liquidates your office furniture, disassembles, removes, stores, and transports it to where it needs to go, so you don’t have to worry about all that hassle. Bottom line? You get money back and help the environment.

Maximize Usable Work Space with Office Workstations and Cubicles

By maximizing usable work space within your office, you can actually conserve space. After all, the more employees you can fit within one office building, the less office buildings you have to have, in theory, right? CubeKing has a myriad of high quality, high-tech office cubicle and office workstation solutions to maximize your space comfortably without having to pack them in like sardines. Workstation and cubicle arrangements also tend to orient your electrical wiring and other electronic peripherals in the office in a more energy efficient manner.

Reuse Space

Reuse space in your office for multiple purposes. With the proper office design and space planning, your eating area can also be used as a conference room, breakaway collaboration area, or even an exhibit / showcase area for your company’s products. This will free up space to fit more employees, plan for growth, and conserve resources and energy.

Anticipate Change and Plan for Growth

Incorporating more flexible office furniture can aid in reusing space for multiple purposes. It’s smart to anticipate that these purposes that you will need to accommodate in the future you may not even fathom today. Which could mean making that one small area recessed may not be as good an idea as you thought, since it could be reused as part of a larger area in the future. Movable walls and paneling instead of drywall, rolling or stackable chairs, and outlets in predictable places may help you be prepared for future growth, saving money, energy, and resources down the line. ,

Brand Interaction in the Office
Integrate with Nature

Office furniture selection and arrangement along feng shui principles can prove beneficial to your company’s success, integration with nature, improving employee morale, and, you guessed it, conserving energy and helping the environment. By default, orienting your office according to a more holistic, natural inclination will raise awareness and appreciation of the environment. That’s easy. But did you know that Feng shui principles also encourage natural and efficient lighting, which takes up less energy? Feng shui also teaches us to declutter our office. That would entail choosing office storage bins, overhead cabinets, cubicle and reception desk counter tray components, bookcases, filing and pedestal cabinets, as well as desks and workstations with the right work surfaces to get rid of that pesky clutter. Remember the less clutter we have, the less we are bound to mistakenly throw away and the less we use, too. Flowing, organic shapes and ergonomics are also encouraged. Ergonomic furniture usually lasts longer and is therefore more sustainable because it is in proper alignment with our bodies and well-constructed. It also makes for an all around healthier, less stressed environment.

Work from Home with Home Office FurnitureWork Virtually

If you work from home, don’t feel left out. You can help the green initiative too, through purchasing home office furniture that is used, sustainable, or otherwise benefits the environment. Check out CubeKing’s private offices for ideas, and read more about everyday actions you can take to help the environment in our last blog article, coming up soon.

Next time, we’ll discuss some other ideas as to what office materials you can use to facilitate greater environmental mindedness in your office.

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