Eco-Friendly Feng Shui Office LobbyLast time we discussed how your company can go green with by choosing the right, eco-friendly, sustainable office furniture. In this article we’ll talk about how you can make decisions about other office materials and supplies that provide even more benefits to the environment.

Sustainable Materials, Recycled Materials, and Eco-Friendly Materials

Choosing sustainable, recycled, recyclable, or other eco-friendly materials for your office supplies is a great way to help the environment. Be on the lookout for environmentally friendly, safe non-toxic cleaners. A prime example is eco-friendly USA-made Effective, slated to hit the shelves later this year, which has a variety of cleaning products, disinfectants, sanitizers, degreasers and multipurpose cleaners, all with a super safe formula. You should also start switching your office to fluorescent lightbulbs, not only because of greater energy efficiency, longevity, and light effectiveness, but because manufacturers are starting to phase out “regular” incandescent or halogen lightbulbs like cassette tapes were .

Restrooms & Kitchen Areas

Don’t forget about the details. The extremities of your office, such as the kitchen area and the restrooms, often get overlooked when revamping for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Installing low flow adjustable water faucets is a great way to save water and energy. Although they consume more electricity, hand heaters are said to be better for the environment than paper towels which consume trees and create waste. Beyond that, using cloth towels is an even better way to save since there is nothing to throw out and no energy consumed (other than periodically washing the towels). If done right, it’s also a great way to class up the place.

Reduce Energy Consumption in Your OfficeSensible Technology

Sometimes, a lot of what going green whittles down to is just common sense. Turn off computers, monitors, and lights at dark, and turn down A/C and heating. If you’re concerned about security and therefore inclined to leave the lights on, the sensible thing to do would be to invest in a tighter security system. Many newer computer systems have built in sleep modes that use less energy, and climate control systems can be programmed to conserve energy at night. Wireless technology choices consume much more energy than wired technology, so choosing a layout grid that enables easy LAN wire use is preferred for energy conservatism. If you’re worried about wires hanging out everywhere, wire compartments for your workstations are a great way to conceal wires and keep them organized. When networking, also try to incorporate a redundant backup filing system. File backups can be programmed automatically. Electronic filing not only saves space, but trees too. To that end, using efficient office furniture storage solutions like bookcases, workstations with pedestal filing cabinets or overhead cabinets is a great way to effectively store the files for which you don’t have electronic files.

Save Paper, Save TreesOther Ideas

Plants are a good way to invite nature into the office, create greater awareness and support among employees for the going green, and spruce up your feng shui, too. Better quality printers waste less paper. And Coke machines are an easy way to save on driving to get your beverages, and can make some money back. Be sure to recycle the bottles or cans. Good for guests, too.

Next time, we’ll talk about the simple eco-friendly actions you and your company can take to make your office into a lean green office machine.

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