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Compare at a glance just a few of the wide variety of quality brand name used office furniture we carry. All of our models are in excellent condition. We guarantee the lowest price on used office furniture and will beat any legitimate offer.

Brand Name Office Chairs

Make / Model: Herman Miller Herman Miller ERGON 3 Task Chair

Herman Miller Ergon III chairs. 5 star base. 1000 in Burgundy, 200 in Blue.
Maroon -$ 95, Blue – $ 155
Stock Number:
Burgundy / Blue
8/10 – Money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

Make / Model: Keilhauer Conference / Task 765
Wonderful High Back Keilhauer Chairs 48 Gray Plaid
Quantity: 48
Price: $ 175 each plus delivery
Stock Number: UKC213
Color: Black Checked, Gray Plaid
Condition: 8.5/10

Make / Model: Allsteel Task Chair Trooper ‘High Performance’
Allsteel Trooper Task Chairs. They retail for $650- $800
Quantity: 18
Price: $ 125 each
Stock Number: UAT170
Color: Sedona Red Rock
Condition: 9/10

Make / Model: Gunlock Managerial Task
Gunlock Leather Executive Task Chairs
Quantity: 70
Price: $ 140 each plus delivery
Stock Number: UGM238
Color: Leather Burgundy
Condition: 8/10

Make / Model: Haworth Improv
Black Fabric Improv Task Chairs with full ergonomic adjustments. 2 have helicopter arms.
Quantity: 4
Price: $ 112 each plus delivery
Stock Number: UHI232
Color: Black
Condition: 8.5/10

Make / Model: Hon Resolution – ergonomic
Beautiful Heavy Duty Hon Resolution Task Chairs ‘Mocha’ Fabric color. These chairs have every adjustment paddle option available. Retail new $ 750 / chair… CubeKing at 80% off is only $ 150 each!
Quantity: 280
Price: $ 139 each plus delivery
Stock Number: UHR212
Color: Mocha
Condition: 9/10
Notice: Quantity discounts available.

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Make / Model: Herman Miller AO2 Reception Desk
Herman Miller AO2 Maplewood Tiled Reception Desk (8′ x 8′) w/ (1) BBF Pedestal, (1) 2-Drawer 42″ Lateral File, & wrap-around Transaction Top
Quantity: 1
Price: $ 1445
Stock Number: UHA244
Color: Natural Maplewood
Condition: 9.5/10
Size: (8 x 8)

Make / Model: Kimball International Waveworks
Kimball U-Shaped Private Office Desk Sets (9.5′ x 9.5′) with (1)bbf Pedestal, (1) ff Pedestal, Bullet Peninsula Top
Quantity: 34
Price: $ 1595 each
Stock Number: UKW224
Color: Maplewood
Condition: 8.5/10
Size: (9.5′ x 9.5′)

Make / Model: Herman Miller B- Front Pedestal
(3) Drawer Herman Miller ‘B’ Front Lateral Files LT paint.
Quantity: 300
Price: $ 175 each in quantity
Stock Number: UHB229
Color: Light Tone
Condition: 7-8
Size: 36
Notice: Quantity orders of 20 or more

Make / Model: Miller Training Tables
Maplewood Veneer Training Tables (30″D x 72″W) w/ black C-legs with Cable/Power channeling.
Quantity: 8
Price: $135 each
Stock Number: UMT216
Color: Maplewood
Condition: 8.5/10
Size: (72″ x 30″)

Make / Model: Herman Miller Round
Herman Miller 8′ Maplewood Veneer Round Conference Table with center Voice/Data Pop-up Access with Black trim
Quantity: 1
Price: $ 1895
Stock Number: UHR235
Color: Maplewood
Condition: 9/10
Size: 8′

Make / Model: Luncheon Break Tables
42″ Square Luncheon Tables with Black Edging with Blue Matrix glossy in-lay…with Black Metal Stand
Quantity: 12
Price: $ 75
Stock Number: ULB183
Color: Black Trim w/ Blue matrix in-lay
Condition: 9/10
Size: 42″

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Compare at a glance just a few of the wide variety of quality brand name used office furniture we carry. All of our models are in excellent condition. We guarantee the lowest price on used office furniture and will beat any legitimate offer.

Brand Name Office Workstations

Allsteel Consensys
Listing / Description:
Complete Office Setup standing in Irvine, CA: 92 Allsteel Consensys (6′ x 6′) Workstations and 170 (8′ x 6′) Workstations with 49″ high panel and (1) 36″ or 48″ Open Shelf, (1) bbf Pedestal, (1) ff Pedestal or (1)36″ 2-Drawer Lateral File in the (8 x 6), 280 Hon Resolution Task Chairs (Mocha – Fabric), 35 Kimball Int’l Private Offices “Waveworks” 20 – Manager Stations, 125 Lateral Files, 2- Conference Tables and Seats. Quantity: 330 Stations. Condition: 9 /10. Stock Number: WAC210
Price: $ 725 each in Pod Layouts of 6 or more

Herman Miller Resolve
Listing / Description:
Stations of Chic Herman Miller Resolve (8′ x 8′) with Canopy, mobile tower pedestal, paper flow, White board, Hanging racks with 92″ Post and 54″ Cross beams. Size: (8 x 8). Quantity: 31 stations. Condition: 9.5/ 10. Stock Number: WHR259
Price: $ 1265 each in Cluster Layout

Teknion Leverage
Listing / Description:
Teknion Leverage (5.5 x 5.5) Stations 42″h with (1) bbf Pedestal, (1) ff Pedestal, Paper flow, Curvilinear Corner Worksurface and beltline voice/data/power access. Quantity: 10 Stations. Condition: 9.5 /10. Size: (5.5′ x 5.5′). Color: Beige. Stock Number: WTL240
Price: $ 795 each in Pod Layout
Haworth Premise
Listing / Description: Haworth Premise (6′ x 8′) Workstations with 48″ Overhead Bin and (1) bbf Pedestal. Quantity: 10 Stations. Color: Tan.Condition: 8.5/10. Size: (6′ x 8′) or (6′ x 6′). Stock Number: WHP174
Price: $ 845

Steelcase Answers
Listing / Description:
95 Steelcase Answers (6′ x 6′) Hi 65″/ Low 48″ Workstations with (1) 60″ Open Shelf, (1) bbf Pedestal, (1) ff Pedestal, and Light Beige Fabric (PAINT 4718, LAM. 2823) – $ 845 each. (14) Manager Stations (6′ x 8.5′) with glass, (1) bbf and FF Pedestal, (1) Overhead Bin and (1) 2-Drawer Lateral also available at $ 97; and (4) Private Offices (8 x 12) 65H with Sliding doors 48 X 30 oval main 30 X 30, 72 X 24 returns ff, bbf, 2D lat 36, 42 BINS 30 & 36″ Shelf : $ 1375. Quantity: 100+ Stations. Color: Light Beige. Size: (6′ x 6′). Stock Number: WSA236
Price: $ 845 each in Pod Layout when buying 10 or more.
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As America’s number one office furniture reseller, we do our best to provide the highest quality products and services for the lowest prices possible to achieve the best value and customer satisfaction. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves as our responsibility to let you in on the scoop behind some of the secrets of creating a successful office and office furniture system.

In previous articles, we have discussed various interior design elements including color schemes, materials, arrangements, even positive and negative space. One thing that we have not covered thus far in too great detail is shape, so we thought it deserved some attention. The following is our recommendations on orchestrating and building your office and office furniture systems with the design element of shape in mind to provide the utmost in enriched interior character and brand identity.

Angular & Pointy

Sharp and jaunting angled office furniture can provide the persons inhabiting the office with feeling of , aggression, foresighted integration, and penetrating ideas. Concave shapes can be found in this environment too, where the edges point out. This is especially popular on tables and reception desks. Technologically advanced, innovative, entertainment, and acquisition-based companies should give office furniture of this type of shape a closer look – but don’t poke out your eye!

Rounded, Oval & Organic

Rounded and organic office furniture is perhaps the opposite of the aforementioned sharp and pointy. Instead of aggressive it is passive, flowing and receptive. It can almost be compared to the feminine aspect as opposed to the angular masculine. However, concave shapes (usually with rounded edges) can still be successfully thrown in with convex curves here. Organic companies value creative spontaneity, customer service, finesse, and perhaps even the environment. Liberal usage of free-flowing ovals and wavy lines can be contribute to very high energy levels in the office communicated through the office furniture. For a softer feel, employ more curve. Organic-shaped office furniture, including high-end work surfaces, chair backs, signage and carpeting patterns are an ever-growing trend in interior design for offices today.

Circular & Cylindrical

Perfect circles, concentric lines and cylinders are a more neutralized version of the organic, but can still add a lot of pep (think Target advertising campaign) to a company’s brand perception upon some outsider’s entry into the office. Round tables provide a sense of fellowship, roundish chairs provide ergonomics, and circular reception areas can run the gamut from austere to sporty. As such, companies that stand on full-service, flexibility and fun may find circular furniture ideal for their office furniture needs to reflect their brand.

Rectangular & Square

Traditional office furniture conceptions involve a lot of rectangular and square treatments of office furniture. Cubicles and call centers today don’t have to be completely square either. Squares and rectangles breathe stability, neutrality, calm, and objectivity. Aesthetically, these shapes also may reflect minimalism, the ultra-logical, or even a bit of intimidation to boot. This can be good for companies where financial stability, credibility and authority are of high priority and are qualities that are key benefits included in the company’s positioning statement and brand.

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CubeKing’s Mesh Office Task Chairs

Mesh office task chairs are becoming all the rage! The benefits include design, aesthetic, and usage aspects, and make these chairs so popular that more and more office furniture manufacturers are producing them. That means we’ll carry a wider selection so you can find just the right one for you.

Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

  • Durable Design– Quality manufacturing and materials make these chairs top-notch and built to last.
  • Non-Conforming– Most padded chairs will eventually conform to your body to the point that the padding doesn’t help much anymore. Mesh chairs eliminate that problem.
  • Ergonomic– Mesh chairs provide comfort and support in the right areas to eliminate back and posture problems, reduce stress, and fit the natural curves of your body.
  • Sheer Comfort– Mesh chairs just mesh with you.
  • Lets You Breathe– The mesh allows air to cool your back which keeps sweat off you and the chair and helps to regulate temperature.
  • Easy to Clean– Crumbs and spills don’t stick as easily and the materials are easy to clean.
  • All the Bells & Whistles– These chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer the full range of accessory and comfort control variations.
  • Cool & Edgy Aesthetic– With improved technology comes better style. Mesh chairs say something positive about your company’s brand and help to brand your office environment.
  • Affordable– Call CubeKing today for the best prices nationwide on used office furniture!

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