We continue our segment on getting your office spic and span and in shape this spring with some elaboration on the next step in the process: storing stuff. After you remove the trash, clutter, and unorganized messes, the next thing you want to do is find smart storage areas for your office supplies, equipment (even furniture itself). Here are some suggestions:

Book Cases

Great for more than just books, book cases make it easy to access files, magazines, books, and media at a glance. More sophisticated than shelves, book cases will free up a lot of room in your office and even allow for stacking on top.

Shelves & Countertops

Shelves, especially cubicle shelves, are great components for convenient office items in an easily accessible area. Countertops attach to the side of your desk, reception desk, or cubicle and are great for papers, files, phones, and tissue boxes.

Filing Cabinet Systems

Many workstations we carry come with filing cabinets and pedestals. They are also available sold separately or in quantity discounts with workstations. Check out our website http://www.cubeking.com frequently, or see our New Inventory listings here on the blog for golden opportunities to cherry pick quality brand name used office furniture that is in mint condition!

Desk, Cubicle, and Workstation Functionality:

Multilevel Desks

These desks offer space saving and ergonomic design. The keyboard slides out, the monitor is raised to your eye level, and you have plenty of room freed up in between.

Corner, L, P and Cello Shaped Work Surfaces

These workstation and desk solutions offer extra room for papers, elbows, and egos. All finest quality, with work surfaces that seriously raise effectiveness and morale.


Ever think of your desk’s design as storage in and of itself? Cubicles are a huge way of compacting the work environment to allow more employees to work in less space, both comfortably and cost effectively. Similary, workstations arranged in pod layouts are great ways to collaborate, build teams, and get the job done in a non-claustrophobic, efficient work environment.


Get creative! Tables can be a great way of providing broad work and meeting surfaces while allowing enough room for pedestal cabinets and other storage bins beneath. Try to think of other ways to pack some effectiveness into your space.

Overhead Cabinets, Compartments, Bins, and Other Storage Solutions

We offer a great variety of storage solutions providing convenience, easy use, personal or shared storage systems and more. Ask our expert staff for the smartest solution for your storage. Call CubeKing today at 1-888-399-7025 or visit our site www.cubeking.com for more information.

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