Back again for the next step of the “Spring Cleaning at Your Office” sectional. Now that we have decluttered and solved our storage problems, the loose pieces are cleaned up and settled away. It’s time to strategize and shift gears a bit to orchestrate our space for a fresher, rejuvenated feel. Here are some key points to ponder and tasks to get the most out of your office space and office furniture.


Now that the dust has settled (and is vacuumed up) it’s time to rehash the main objectives of your company and integrate them into the environment.

  • How does your working environment allow you and your comrades to not only aim for the target but shoot for the stars?
  • What office furniture or arrangement or office equipment could help achieve these goals more effectively?
  • Create a better atmosphere?
  • Richer company culture?
  • What problems might you be having with your office furniture currently?
  • What is your company’s brand? Is your company repositioning itself?
  • Is your company expanding and at what rate?


The reconfiguration process can be divided up into 2 simple phases.

  1. Move around the office furniture that you have once you have the clutter out of the way, things stored away, and a clear objective.
  2. Get a space planner. Work with them to decide what should go, what should stay, and what else you need in terms of an effective office furniture system. CubeKing is known for its excellent customer satisfaction and detail-oriented space planning services by clients across the USA, along with its quality used office furniture inventory.

Some questions to ask during this phase include:

  • Who works with who, and who supervises who? Is this evident from the arrangement of your office?
  • Are there any slackers who need extra supervision?
  • Are you looking for an open air environment? What amount of privacy and sequestering do your employees require?
  • Are your office furniture arrangements conducive to teamwork and performance, overall convenience, and easy collaboration?
  • Is it easy to walk around and get in and out of chairs and drawers?
  • Do you and your employees feel claustrophobic?


After all this spring cleaning and work, your company deserves some R & R. Keep it by inventing a rejuvenated atmosphere through your “new” clean and reconfigured office. Utilize feng shui and effective interior decoration to sprinkle some spice of life into your work areas. Consider painting for a better aesthetic and cool company color integration. Make sure that windows and floor vents aren’t covered up and lights are burning brightly. And have some fun. After all it is spring

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