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CubeKing’s Mesh Office Task Chairs

Mesh office task chairs are becoming all the rage! The benefits include design, aesthetic, and usage aspects, and make these chairs so popular that more and more office furniture manufacturers are producing them. That means we’ll carry a wider selection so you can find just the right one for you.

Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

  • Durable Design– Quality manufacturing and materials make these chairs top-notch and built to last.
  • Non-Conforming– Most padded chairs will eventually conform to your body to the point that the padding doesn’t help much anymore. Mesh chairs eliminate that problem.
  • Ergonomic– Mesh chairs provide comfort and support in the right areas to eliminate back and posture problems, reduce stress, and fit the natural curves of your body.
  • Sheer Comfort– Mesh chairs just mesh with you.
  • Lets You Breathe– The mesh allows air to cool your back which keeps sweat off you and the chair and helps to regulate temperature.
  • Easy to Clean– Crumbs and spills don’t stick as easily and the materials are easy to clean.
  • All the Bells & Whistles– These chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer the full range of accessory and comfort control variations.
  • Cool & Edgy Aesthetic– With improved technology comes better style. Mesh chairs say something positive about your company’s brand and help to brand your office environment.
  • Affordable– Call CubeKing today for the best prices nationwide on used office furniture!

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Looking for Some Fast Cash for Your Company?…

The 2007 – 2008 recession has seen some tough times for several aspects of the US economy. Bear Stearns and airline companies plummeting, prices for gas, oil, and food soaring, the inflation and weakening of the dollar, and the lowest unemployment rate since 2003 (5%) with almost 18 million unemployed competing for less than 4 million job openings. What this means is a lot of companies are downsizing, reorganizing, and yet many are aggressively expanding. It also means that everybody is trying to save some money.

…We Can Help You Save Thousands On New and Used Office Furniture!

We can help with both saving money and reorganizing and recouping your company. Here at CubeKing, we believe in saving a buck. How about thousands? Budget priced office furniture never looked so beautiful, as you can see with our high quality selection of brand name office furniture – both new and used, all in excellent condition – all for an unbelievable, reassuring low price. We will not be beat on used office furniture, GUARANTEED.

But that’s not the only way we save you money. We’ll help you buy quality, sustainable furniture, built to last. Buying from us also yields you the money-saving benefits of a one-stop shop. We liquidate office furniture. We move, remove, and store office furniture. And of course we know all about it, inside and out, and can recommend the right office furniture solution and install it. Feng shui it, you name it.

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We continue our segment on getting your office spic and span and in shape this spring with some elaboration on the next step in the process: storing stuff. After you remove the trash, clutter, and unorganized messes, the next thing you want to do is find smart storage areas for your office supplies, equipment (even furniture itself). Here are some suggestions:

Book Cases

Great for more than just books, book cases make it easy to access files, magazines, books, and media at a glance. More sophisticated than shelves, book cases will free up a lot of room in your office and even allow for stacking on top.

Shelves & Countertops

Shelves, especially cubicle shelves, are great components for convenient office items in an easily accessible area. Countertops attach to the side of your desk, reception desk, or cubicle and are great for papers, files, phones, and tissue boxes.

Filing Cabinet Systems

Many workstations we carry come with filing cabinets and pedestals. They are also available sold separately or in quantity discounts with workstations. Check out our website frequently, or see our New Inventory listings here on the blog for golden opportunities to cherry pick quality brand name used office furniture that is in mint condition!

Desk, Cubicle, and Workstation Functionality:

Multilevel Desks

These desks offer space saving and ergonomic design. The keyboard slides out, the monitor is raised to your eye level, and you have plenty of room freed up in between.

Corner, L, P and Cello Shaped Work Surfaces

These workstation and desk solutions offer extra room for papers, elbows, and egos. All finest quality, with work surfaces that seriously raise effectiveness and morale.


Ever think of your desk’s design as storage in and of itself? Cubicles are a huge way of compacting the work environment to allow more employees to work in less space, both comfortably and cost effectively. Similary, workstations arranged in pod layouts are great ways to collaborate, build teams, and get the job done in a non-claustrophobic, efficient work environment.


Get creative! Tables can be a great way of providing broad work and meeting surfaces while allowing enough room for pedestal cabinets and other storage bins beneath. Try to think of other ways to pack some effectiveness into your space.

Overhead Cabinets, Compartments, Bins, and Other Storage Solutions

We offer a great variety of storage solutions providing convenience, easy use, personal or shared storage systems and more. Ask our expert staff for the smartest solution for your storage. Call CubeKing today at 1-888-399-7025 or visit our site for more information.

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It’s well into spring now, almost summer, and if you haven’t already done it, it’s high time for spring cleaning in the office! Yes folks, that means window washing, some vacuuming, some scrubbing behind the desk, maybe even some mopping, and a lot of filing. It can be a lot of work. But if it’s if done right, spring cleaning at your office can set you up for good habits to stay organized, efficient, and productive for the rest of the year through next. We’ve supplied some advice for how to spring your office and office furniture into gear

Take Out The Trash!

The first step of spring cleaning at your office should be to take out the trash. This doesn’t mean just garbage removal. Move those stacks of papers off your desk. Throw away that 4 month old cupcake. Get rid of the claustrophobic circle that limits your creativity and work ethic. Remembering to do 3 rounds of dispensing of old office stuff is a good rule of thumb:

  1. Toss the big stuff you know you don’t want or don’t need.
  2. Get rid of at least half of the “maybe” pile of stuff that you really won’t ever use.
  3. Liquidate, give away, or find better uses for the rest of the “maybe” pile.

Minimize Spaces

Think of ways that you can consolidate the number of designated areas you have for office supplies, paper, files, project work, personal items, shared items, etc. Designate and delineate “homes” for appropriate items, even if you have to use a marker. Doing these things will help by:

  • Helping you remember where to PUT things in your work area and stay organized.
  • Helping you FIND your office and work items.
  • Reducing the amount of stuff you don’t need.
  • Sharing office supplies, files, etc with other employees to reduce overlap of invested time and money.
  • Freeing up space so you can breathe easier!

Improve Spaces
The last part of effective decluttering is upgrading your spaces. CubeKing provides excellent decluttering new and used office furniture solutions that are ideal for clutter cutting:

Start decluttering your work space with the office furniture products below:

Overhead Open Shelf Overhead Cabinet with Flip Door 3 Drawer Pedestal Unit on Casters
Overhead Open Shelf Overhead Cabinet with Flip Door 3 Drawer Pedestal Unit on Casters

Sanded Tempered Glass Countertop for Desk White Board Wiring Compartment
Sanded Tempered Glass Countertop for Desk White Board Wiring Compartment

Purchasing new or used office furniture is a great way to organized this spring and stay organized. A little investment serves as a reminder to easily create better organization habits, and our solutions effectively kill the clutter.

Check out our office furniture products today! You won’t believe the incredibly low prices!

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Sustainable Office FurnitureIn our recent blog articles, The Lean Green Office Machine – Part 4, and The Lean Green Office Machine – Part 3 we briefly discussed the environmental advantages of checking the sustainability of the office furniture you purchase to ensure that you are helping safeguard the environment, conserving energy and reducing waste and pollution. this can seem like a daunting, even unrealistic task, since the more parts there are to a product, the harder it is to keep track of where all the parts came from, how they were made, and what they were made of. However, as a consumer, this simple step to help the environment can be just that: simple. As an environmentally minded group ourselves, we at CubeKing thought we should help. In this article, you will find a bit more detail about how to determine the sustainability of your office furniture.

Sustainable Office Furniture Criteria

  • Whether Your Office Furniture Is Used or New
  • Whether It’s Recycled & How Much
  • Whether It’s Recyclable & What New Products It Makes
  • Ease of Assembly & Disassembly
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Quality & Durability
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification (C2C)
  • LEED Certified Manufacturing

Whether Your Office Furniture Is Used or New

If you buy used office furniture, you’re helping the environment because no additional energy is going into making a new product, and because you are at least postponing the disposal of waste. Chances are also good that if you deemed it worthy to purchase, your office furniture is made from durable high quality materials to have lasted after prior use. By the same token, your office furniture becomes more sustainable when, instead of throwing it out, you resell it to another user after you’re done to keep the usage going. CubeKing, America’s number one office furniture discounter, buys and sells office furniture nationwide and will handle all aspects of your office furniture liquidation.

Whether It’s Recycled & How Much

When you buy office furniture made out of recycled materials – plastics, wood, particle board, glass, etc – you’re helping the environment in a way that’s similar to when you buy used office furniture: the materials take less energy to recycle than to manufacture from scratch. Higher percentages of recycled materials mean more energy conserved.

Whether It’s Recyclable & What New Products It Makes

Consider buying office furniture that is not only made from recycled materials but is also recyclable in itself. (There is a difference.) An important aspect in determining an office furniture product’s recyclability after its use is the degree to which it was designed for assembly and disassembly, so that the recyclable parts can easily be separated. Sometimes you can also see on the parts themselves whether they are recyclable. If not, you can always check with the manufacturer. Keep in mind that just because your office chair’s parts may be recyclable, it doesn’t always mean that the parts are remade into the same, new office chair. It’s likely that they will be recycled into components of several other products, some of which may be recycled again, others that may not. Finding out whether these end products are recyclable can help you determine the longevity of your sustainable office product.

Ease of Assembly & Disassembly

If you can’t break it down again, how will it be recycled? Also, if it’s not easy to put together again, it’s not going to be as  attractive to another user. Try to find office furniture that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Materials Chemistry

Materials chemistry uses numerous human and environmental health criteria to evaluate the chemical makeup of products and production processes at the molecular level in order to identify and eliminate toxic and/or environmentally harmful chemicals. It’s a scientific examination of the composition of your office furniture product. This information may be available from the manufacturer.

Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) assess whether your office furniture contributes to global warming and pollution, measuring the environmental impact of your office furniture’s materials, production, and reuse, and/or disposal. It takes into account some of the other factors discussed and boils them down to green numbers.

Quality & Durability

Sustainability also implies that your sustainable office furniture is going to be around for a long time. Buying durable office furniture models can help ensure that. High quality also takes into account the aesthetic aspects of your office furniture, and should be another factor that helps you make a good environmentally minded decision. The reason? Your office furniture could be made from material as durable as titanium, but if it’s ugly, it probably won’t enjoy a reuse.

Cradle to Cradle Certification

The reward for passing stringent third party validation, research and tests done by experts such as McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)  who measure your office furniture product’s impact on the environment. C2C products purchased also award your company a Design and Innovation Credit under the US Green Building Council’s LEED™ rating system.

LEED™ (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) Certified Manufacturing

This rating system, associated with industrial office buildings and places of manufacture, will help you know that your office furniture product was put together in an environmentally friendly process that took place in an environmentally friendly building, most likely by environmentally friendly people like yourself.

We hope this criteria checklist helps when it comes to making the right, environmentally friendly decision about your office furniture and other products. Remember, buying office furniture from a trusted, knowledgeable resource with a broad range of new and used furniture to choose from is a quick, easy way to find out a lot of the above information. So you can find the furniture you want, for the right price, and feel even better knowing that you just helped the environment.Resources: 

Steelcase did a great job of examining ways to make C2C, environmentally friendly and sustainable office furniture. Click here to read their guide to green “huggability”.

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