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Where is Your Company Headed?

Over the last few months, we have accumulated a lot of information on feng shui for our readers, and received a lot of good feedback in return. While we have a whole sectional / page on Office Furniture Feng Shui here on our blog, we decided to compile a short list of the most frequently asked questions relating to feng shui and its applications in and out of the office. We hope this helps with your interior design, furniture purchasing, and office management decisions.

Top Ten Feng Shui Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is feng shui and what is its purpose?
  2. Where does the practice of feng shui come from?
  3. What are the benefits of feng shui?
  4. Is feng shui the real deal or just superstition?
  5. How does feng shui work?
  6. How can I judge whether implementing feng shui principles in my office really helped?
  7. What are some basic feng shui principles?
  8. What is a bagua map?
  9. What kinds of companies out there do feng shui interior design arrangements for office furniture?
  10. How can I get started practicing feng shui in my office

1) What is feng shui and what is its purpose?

Feng shui is a body of knowledge containing best practices and a set of guidelines for creating a balanced, harmonious environment, in terms of both exterior and interior applications. Pronounced “fung shway,” feng shui is derived from the Chinese words for “wind” and “water.”

Besides its origins with its focus centering on generating oneness with nature, feng shui’s meaning of “wind” and “water” is doubly relevant in that these two elements are very sensitive to the energy passing through each other. A calm night may have placid mist on the water and a gentle breeze, but if there is energy in disharmony, a hurricane could occur.

To prevent hurricanes from happening, feng shui teaches a combination of simple and complex rules that are orchestrated to correctly channel the energy around us and in us, which is called “chi” or “qi”. In business terms, your company’s chi could be interpreted as a mixture of what propels your team and compels clients towards mutual harmony and benefit. In other words, your company’s chi is basically the energy from your surroundings that promotes good business. Feng shui’s chi impacts on how comfortable you might feel in your home, the stress level at work, and even how welcome a new client feels upon entering your office.

2) Where does the practice of feng shui come from?

Ancient Chinese shamans and kings used feng shui principles involving astronomy to find connections between mankind and their surrounding home in the universe. Closely utilizing the science and cosmography of the first magnetic luopan compass and the luiren astrolabe, feng shui was used as a tool to determine time and layout plans for agriculture for bountiful harvests and to arrange graves, homes, palaces, businesses, and even whole cities. Feng shui relics and artifacts have been found dating back to even 3000 BC. It was during the Zhou dynasty (770-476 BC) that feng shui became interwoven with the I-Ching classic Book of Changes, fortune-reading trigrams and hexagrams with advice for what to do in certain situations in life.

3) What are the benefits of feng shui?

While the applications of feng shui have evolved over the years and some of the nuances of the rules have changed leading to new schools of thought, the art of feng shui has been tried and tested and has yielded thousands of years of steady results. Users of feng shui in the workplace cite increased productivity, reduced stress from disharmonious surroundings resulting in better health, morale, and energy level, and improved confidence among the benefits produced by feng shui’s impact. Other benefits include improved employee employer relations, better logistical flow of people, nicer office and office furniture aesthetics, and a deeper connection with nature.

4) Is feng shui the real deal or just superstition?

While some of feng shui’s belying meaning may seem mystical, much of feng shui is rooted in common sense and practical living. It has also been tried and tested over 5000 years and is still around. In fact, feng shui has been employed in some of the world’s most famous and successful architecture of both ancient and modern times. It should be noted that mystic astrology and scientific astronomy have closely been related since their beginnings, and a case can be made for astronomical alignments impacting life and energy – even stock prices – on Earth. As technology advances, more applications can be found for feng shui. Environmental psychology notes the benefits of ergonomically designed furniture based on scientifically reducing stress on the natural curves of the body – why not also a holistic ergonomic of naturally fitting into one’s environment?

5) How does feng shui work?

Feng shui takes information about your surrounding environment, accesses tools such as a bagua map, luoshu grid or luopan compass, and determines a reading for the appropriate design, layout and siting of a place of residency, business, repose, etc. Then a process is put into action involving the removal of bad energy, followed by the arranging of objects and furniture to channel the optimal flow of positive energy, and the additional placement of objects or arrangement to get the energy going. The way it works after this process takes place is really a continual awareness and sensitivity towards one’s surroundings and a attuning to a positive attitude towards becoming one with nature.

6) How can I judge whether implementing feng shui principles in my office really helped?

Write a checklist of before and after questions and survey your employees. You might ask:

  • What is your personal stress level like at work?
  • Are you more in tune with your surroundings?
  • Do you feel that your concentration level has improved?
  • Are your communications with fellow employees and supervisors improved?
  • Is it easier to get around the office?
  • What were you holding onto before implementing feng shui office techniques that you have since let go of?
  • Is your focus more or less on career growth now as before?

These qualitative questions and of course the bottom line can help determine the ROI of feng shui in your office.

7) What are some basic feng shui principles?

Some basic feng shui tenets you might have heard include “don’t have your back to the door” and bring in red eggs and red fish for good luck. You should fundamentally follow the bagua map in geographic location / siting, exterior facing, interior allocation, and desk arrangement for various furniture, equipment, picture frames etc to match functionality with the reading. Decluttering your office is also a key element. Many other feng shui rules allow for freedom of space, strengthening hospitality, confidence and communication. Natural elements such as flowing organic lines, energetic paintings, windows, plants, and water are good for energizing and maintaining the flow of positive chi energy. Desk materials (wood, metal, glass) and interior colors also have their significance in feng shui.

8) What is a bagua map?

A bagua map is a grid and compass correlating 8 directions with 8 basic readings of chi in balance.

9) What kinds of companies out there do feng shui interior design arrangements for office furniture?

You may find that several companies out there do feng shui including interior designers, home decorators, architects, and more. However, not all companies that claim to do it can back it up, so do your homework. Also, while feng shui is a holistic teaching, employing many aspects of your surroundings (siting, physical building and appearance, interior arrangement and appearance, interior function, etc.) it is best to opt for a company with breadth of service. With the new and used office furniture reseller CubeKing for example, you have a one stop shop for office furniture purchasing, liquidation, removal and storage, as well as office space planning.

10) How can I get started?

Call CubeKing at 1-888-399-7025 or go to their website at to get started using feng shui techniques in your office today and revive your company’s chi

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Upgrade Your Office Furniture

Making financial investments internally in your company can be a tough decision, because usually you’re pitted against two goods. On a basic level, that typically means weighing the advantages of something short term, like salary bonuses against the benefits of return on long term investments such as growth programs, equipment, and upgrading office furniture. While it may be easier to calculate for the short term, long term investments can pack much more punch and have longer lasting effects. That’s why we have provided some decision making tips to help you make a solid, confident decision about the long term investment of upgrading your office furniture.

The Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Furniture System

1) Image is Everything

Making good first impressions can make or break a deal. For many companies out there, the phrase “image is everything” rings true. It is true not only for companies that fall under the typically image conscious industry categories like fashion, finance, and frou-frou department stores and hotels, but for most companies seeking to strengthen their brand position in the market. Hence the increase in demand for modern office furniture systems, feng shui interior design and space planning, and branded office environments. As your industry becomes more competitive, customers will seek the more mature companies with established brands, quality style, and customer service. Looking the part by appealing to your client base can significantly increase your business, creating a substantial ROI for your new office furniture system.

2) Comfort Consciousness

This one is along the lines of image consciousness but different. If furniture aesthetic is important to get your clients to walk in the door, then furniture comfort is just as important (if not more important) to help them feel at home. Employees will also appreciate the comfort of ergonomic furniture designed for posture support and to alleviate stress, increasing energy level and productivity. And of course, the boss can enjoy the comfort of a high back black leather office chair for his or her executive office.

3) Expansion

You may be experiencing tremendous growth, but may not be prepared to hop ponds and move to a bigger office. If that’s the case, then installing a better, more efficient and upgraded office furniture system to maximize space and number of stationed employees is the right solution for you. If you are planning on moving to a new office, you’ll probably want to anticipate future growth anyway by installing a flexible office furniture system that allows for maximum head count. Workstations and cubicles do an effective job at managing space while balancing open air office layout with a level of privacy and comfort.

4) Storage

Another case of running out of room, lack of good storage solutions is a common reason to upgrade your office furniture system and storage units. Many modern workstations and desks come with built in or configurable storage solutions, such as pedestal storage bins, overhead cabinets, shelves, drawers, and the like. Book cases and filing cabinets are a great way to organize your work and reduce pile up, clutter, confusion and duplication of loose account folders.

5) Functionality

Are you working around your office furniture or is your office furniture working for you? If you find yourself hunched over to view the computer monitor, out of room to jot down notes, or unable to move the mouse because your tower is too far away because your feet have to have room… it’s probably in part due to your office furniture. Adding office furniture accessories and components on top of your desk can be a patch up job, but can also clutter up your desk. Modern office furniture systems have built in solutions that resolve your common clutter and workstation usability issues.

6) Logistics

Always bumping your co-worker on the way to the water cooler? Before you panic and run to the gym to shed a few pounds, consider whether your office furniture is to blame. If your current office furniture only allows for narrow passageways, has chairs too close together, or doesn’t allow enough room for regular traffic flow of people, then it’s probably a good time to upgrade your office furniture. This time, also consider hiring a space planning team that can recommend a layout that is an effective and comfortable fit for the number of people you currently have in your office or to plan for the number of people you wish to achieve in the future.

7) Stress

Take a common sense look at your furniture: if it’s broke, fix it. The pain-in-the-butt factor for judging if you need to upgrade your office furniture consists of tallying simple observations: If your office chair arm is falling off, if you can no longer adjust your seat, if your shelf needs to be carefully balanced in order to not fall, if you keep banging your leg on that pointy desk corner, if your desk has scratches and water marks all over it, or if your lobby seating is just plain ugly – then it’s probably a good bet that you and your co-workers would feel less stressed and better off with an upgraded office furniture system.

8) Feng Shui 

A lot of people don’t believe in it, and that’s ok. Most people don’t understand feng shui. But most people also aren’t informed of the benefits that a feng shui office furniture arrangement can achieve, and the common sense principles behind its ancient philosophy. Just as you probably wouldn’t paint your office pink and brown, because of your mental and visual associations with the colors and because of common sense, your common sense also suggests that out of practicality, you give feng shui treatment a try in your office. Feng shui office furniture arrangements can lend greater productivity and worker satisfaction to your office. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

9) Boost Morale

Sometimes a change of pace and a change of place are just what the doctor ordered. If life at your work has dribbled into a dreary monotonous drawl, and productivity has worsened, your new office furniture system could be just the thing your employees need as an incentive and reward for their hard work.

10) Budget

Of course, the appropriate budget is necessary for all investments. A budget surplus can lend even stronger rationale to upgrade your office furniture. But did you know that you can save thousands of dollars on perfectly beautiful, brand name, mint or near mint condition used office furniture by purchasing from an office furniture reseller? CubeKing, America’s #1 office furniture discounter offers a low price guarantee for legitimate offers on used office furniture, and savings of up to 90%. Visit today for more information and recommendations for upgrading your office furniture system.

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You Need to Space Plan

The Allakazzam Office – Reimagine Your Office in the Twinkling of an Eye

Planning or moving an office and its furnishings can be a real chore, an overwhelming task, a labyrinthine trap sucking up your time like a gargantuan black hole. Where’s your Mary Poppins when you need her to snap her fingers and make your old furniture disappear and morph into new furniture just the right size to fit into your new office? If you’re wondering how in the world you’ll ever be able to fit X number of desk units into X-1 amount of space in your new office, look no further. We have a way of working some magic on your office to simultaneously maximize space, incorporate the right, high quality spacious new or used office furniture, AND save you time, money and stress. Think it’s impossible? Think again.

Take a look in the crystal ball of our interior space planning wizards, and you will find a whole world of possibilities for your office space – all mapped out to accurate specifications. Full CAD technology, an eagle eye for detail, a wealth of experience, and a proven, efficient process give CubeKing the edge you need for planning your redesigned or brand new office space. We asked one of CubeKing’s space planning wizards, Keith Myers, about how the tricks of the trade. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how CubeKing pulls off the magic trick called “space planning”.

Space Planning Process

1) Organization – Information Gathering

During the initial phase of the space planning process, CubeKing gathers all your information regarding your office and office furniture situation. This includes:

  • Finding out how many cubes or workstations you wish to accommodate
  • Getting any drawings, layouts, or accurate blueprints of the proposed workspace
  • Collecting detailed measurements of floor space.

It also includes figuring out your overall objectives for what you want to accomplish with your new space and your goals as a company. If you are expanding, downsizing, reorganizing, or repositioning, this is taken into account during the first stage to effectively execute the rest of the space planning process. Be realistic with your goals, but also be articulate. Don’t say that you only want to fit 10 more workstations if what you really mean is you want to maximize your workspace, period (and vice versa). The experts may be able to find a way to fit more than that.

2) Visualization – Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)

office space planningDuring this phase, CubeKing’s space planners lay out your redesigned office and proposed furnishings virtually. Using computer aided drawing (CAD) technology, they work from the specs of the detailed measurements or blueprint, and add to the picture furniture measurements that are either imported from their robust database or from any specs you provide. Being able to view pictures and/or models of your furniture is one thing. It’s hard to keep track of on your own though. Through CAD, the dimensions get plugged into the computer so you can see what kind of space you have to work with, add or subtract furniture, move stuff around, and see what works and what doesn’t. So you don’t have to play a guessing game when it comes to buying your office furniture.

3) Orchestration – Orientation & Arrangement

This is where the creative rubber hits the road. During this step of the process, your office furniture arrangements get finalized prior to installation. CubeKing’s expert interior design and space planning professionals work with you to turn your office into a practical, stylish, safe, and efficient work environment. They are also very experienced with legal issues like making sure your office layout is fire code safe. And with practical issues like “maintaining egress” or orchestrating your office furnishings so that passageways have sufficient space to get around and to the exits. They’re even sages at feng shui, and will orient your furniture for proper alignment with the forces of nature to bring fortune and success to your company. Taking into account everything down to the power outlets, CubeKing’s office space planning team has the eye for detail to arrange your redesigned office to your fullest satisfaction.

4) Installation & Quality Check

Finally, what could be better than having the same people who planned, designed, and laid out your new office and office furnishings be the one to buy from, move, and install the furniture? CubeKing’s trained expert installation team handles the tough job of moving, assembling, and orienting the furniture according to the approved furniture layout. This way, nothing is lost in translation and you don’t have to deal with the stress.

Working with CubeKing, you have the guarantee that your purchased office furniture will be installed to your liking. As proof in the pudding, one of CubeKing’s space planning wizards, Joe Weisman, tells the story about CubeKing’s furniture installation team quickly improvised and catered to a last minute decision by a client in California. For feng shui reasons, the client changed their minds and chose a different door to be the main entrance. To be sensitive to the feng shui workings of the office, the team happily rotated the orientation of the furniture for the client during the installation. All in a day’s work.

If you’re redesigning or moving your office, you need a space planner. CubeKing is your end-to-end resource for all aspects of your workspace furnishing project, from getting the furniture in to getting it out. Call CubeKing at 888-399-7025 or email them at to get started building your CubeKingdom today. CubeKing is the man with the plan for all your office furniture and office space needs:

  • Office Furniture Delivery & Installation
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Digital Photography Services (optional)
  • Office Furniture Liquidation
  • Furniture Disassembly & Break Down
  • Furniture Removal
  • Furniture Storage
  • Office Furniture Transportation

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Quality Brand Name Office FurnitureFifty-seven employees, 2 floors, 6 departments, 9 private offices, 10 desk sets, 2 corner desks, 36 workstations in pod layouts of 6, all 5.5 x 5.5 to 8 x 8 squeezed into X by Y by Z space under a $24,325 budget is a lot of numbers to remember. Not to mention the different styles and colors of office furniture required, how to store a gazillion files and supplies in one tiny room, and where the outlets are. Coming up with a good, efficient, and practical plan for a whole new office can be a major, overwhelming problem. Our recommendation? Space planning.

Why You Could Space Plan – Challenges
Below are just a few of the various reasons why companies end up with a need for space planning:

  • New Office – Moving into a new office environment is probably one of the most overwhelming transitions that companies go through.
  • Redesign of Office – Repositioning your brand or company look, branding your office environment, and altering the layout for departments or organized teams can benefit your company tremendously if you do right.
  • Expand or Downsize – More people or less people can necessitate new solutions for office furniture or office furniture arrangements.
  • Planning for Flexibility – Depending on your employee’s work types (telecommute, part-time, temp, etc.), your lease, or if your work environment doubles with a different function (meeting hall, ballroom, rented space), it may be smart for you to incorporate office furniture in a layout that allows for multiple possibilities.
  • Upgrade Office Furniture Systems – Tired of reattaching your chair arms or looking at the gum on your desk? Upgrading your furniture in a consistent manner may constitute an overhaul of office space.

Why You Should Space Plan – Reasons

  • Time – Letting an expert help you out saves you time not only in the planning process but also in the actual move of the furniture and in the long haul, as you will be able to plan with more foresight.
  • Budget – It’s easy to go over-budget if you don’t know where to find the office furniture discounts or the opportunities available to you. It pays to have someone help you to not only stay within budget, but also get the biggest bang for your buck. Keep an eye out for discounters like CubeKing, who will beat the price for legitimate offers thrown their way, thus offering a deal and services you can trust.
  • Research – It’s also easy to get bogged down with a lot of price comparison shopping, research on different office furniture makes and models, etc. Asking the experts incorporates this step and saves valuable time.
  • Measurements – Taking the tape measurer out for every bit of furniture can also be time-consuming. Using a CAD drawing system in a computer can help keep track of measurements or pre-measured inventory in an organized fashion.
  • Logistics – While you may be great at packing your suitcase, your refrigerator, or your closet to save space, it’s also important to remember that people take up space and need to move around, too. Space planners can help you maximize space while keeping everything mobile and allowing for safe and fire code/legal free space to enter and exit the rooms of the office.
  • Organization – Ever buy a piece of furniture and find out that you can’t fit it through the door? With space planning, this won’t happen, and you’ll be able to keep track of units and measurements much faster and easier.
  • Visualization – Space planning that integrates CAD drawing technology offers the vast benefit of being able to visualize your entire office before you purchase or install the furniture. This is an essential tool for helping you making the right decisions when it comes to designing or redesigning your office space.
  • Orchestration – Suppose you like the ideas associated with Feng Shui arrangement of your furniture but don’t have a clue? Our office space planning experts can help orient and arrange your office furniture according to the right standards and principles of design.

Reinvent Your Office Space Boardroom

Why You Should Choose Us to Space Plan – Benefits

Space planning with CubeKing is better because:

  • Wide Range of Office Furniture Selections – Our enormous inventory gives us the advantage of better enabling you to find the office furniture that suits your needs. Choose from the best name brands – Herman Miller, Teknion, Allsteel, Haworth, Keilhauer, and more – all at discount prices!
  • Design and Planning Expertise – With years of experience as America’s #1 office furniture discounter, we are prepared to help you solve any problems and achieve the office interior you desire.
  • Turnkey, Full-Service Solutions from Start to Finish – With our vertical integration of services, we’ll help you get the old furniture out, stored or sold, and the right furniture in, installed and oriented to your satisfaction – all at an incredible discount.
  • Less Hassle, More ValueYOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Time space planning, time installing, time getting rid of your old furniture, time researching, time shopping, time coordinating, money associated with the time you would have spent, money saved on the discount furniture, money on the long-term possibilities that could be expensive if not planned for, money on the liquidation, removal and storage fees, money on involving employees in the process…the list goes on. Just call us, we’ll handle the rest.
  • Save Space, Save Money – Remember, you can also save by utilizing space planning services to maximize your space, which saves money by not having to rent additional space. You can also increase the overall profits of your company, resulting from better employee health, morale and productivity caused by a better thought out work environment.
  • Our Double Guarantee – You have our guarantee on delivery and installation of your furniture by our trained experts – to your satisfaction. You also have our guarantee that we’ll beat anyone’s price on used office furniture.

Call us now. Get it done now. Get it done right. Call us at 1-888-399-7025 or go to for a free quote on our office space planning services and office furniture sales for you.

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    Read more about our Space Planning Process here.

    Modern Office Branded Environment

    We conclude our Branded Office Environment series with a look at how you can act now and get started converting your blase’ office into an incredibly interactive, sweet-looking branded environment.

    How to Create a Branded Office Environment

    As touched on in Part 2 of this series, there are basically 5 levels of brand enrichment for office environments. They are as follows, each higher, subsequent level building on the foundations of the former:

    • Level 1: Signage & Media
    • Level 2: Office Furniture
    • Level 3: Customized Layout and Office Furniture Arrangement
    • Level 4: Experience-Based Brand Interactivity
    • Level 5: Ultimate Brand Legacy – Architecture & Franchise

    Office Reception

    Level 1- Signage

    Most businesses already do this at a minimum. However, most still aren’t using the full potential that signage can offer when it is incorporated throughout the interior of the office, instead of just the flickering neon sign outside.

    • It’s hard to get too much signage, and easy to have too little. Signage is the chief way that people remember your brand and its symbols – it represents the whole brand interaction experience at a glance. Consider signage for everything from the door, floor, reception desk, main entrance wall, conference room table, and wall coverings, down to uniform placement and treatment of your desktop business cards.
    • Get the signs up, in a way that is attractive and prominent without being overly dominant. The reception area and conference room should have your company name and brand logos. A frosted conference table underlit or a carved one with your company name will add incredible drama and a greater impression of professionalism to your client meetings.
    • LCD or plasma TVs are good both for animated signs and for exhibiting work, portfolio, company commercials, demos, the news, etc.

    Quality Brand Name Office FurnitureLevel 2- Matching Office Furniture

    Office cubicles, workstations and desks should really match to create a landscape of consistency, attraction, and concentration, while reflecting the corporate character of your brand.

    • Integrate the corporate colors if you can. You don’t have to slap logos on all your furniture, but at least have them mesh with the brand.
    • Ask yourself if a lighter wood would match your lighter attitude, or a darker cherry wood would enhance and complement your more serious work. Metal work surfaces tend to create a sense of industrial strength and technology, while glass, white, and plastic surfaces can say “savvy”.
    • Don’t forget to choose chairs, bookcases, storage compartments, tables/counters, paneling, and office filing cabinets to accessorize and enhance your branded environment. Even a pool table can be re-felted with the corporate colors.

    Office Furniture Feng ShuiLevel 3- Customized Layout and Office Furniture Arrangement

    • Use a space planner. Space planning (a service provided by CubeKing) can reduce the time, effort, and overall stress it takes to get the right new or used branded office furniture system into your building in the right spots. You can maximize space, while leaving the appropriate amount of worker room to simultaneously help productivity and plan for an expanding work force.
    • Feng Shui is really something you should look into if you’re serious about branding your office environment. A lot of time-tested, common sense, and yet deep observations on arranging your furniture the right way go into it, and improved morale and company success come out of it.
    • Interior designers and decorators (also available from CubeKing) can help you achieve the look you want with artwork, wall colors, furniture choices, and planning for the logistics and flow of people as well as anthropocentric ergonomics. Retail stores with well-branded environments pay considerable attention to the flow of traffic around the store, past the point-of-purchase displays, right to the register. This is especially noticeable if your kids ask for everything they see in the checkout line at Toys ‘R’ Us; if you wonder why you always seem to see the produce section first when you walk into a grocery store; and if you always seem to know consistently that the electronics section is in the back of a Walmart. Ask yourself how your visitors should take the tour. Getting this question right is crucial for moving to the next step of enriching the interaction of your branded office environment.

    Brand Interaction in the Office

    Level 4: Experience-Based Brand Interactivity

    What are some unique ways that people in your office can experience what’s unique about you? This can involve unique twists on office furniture, decoration, or especially activities that articulate the company’s message. Do a mental walkthrough and trace the steps of a typical office visit for a client or prospect. Then do it for an employee’s typical work day.

    Key Areas and Focal Points of Your Office

    Ideally, the entire office should be consistently branded with similar office furniture – be it new or used – and similar design, colors, and signage aesthetics. That said, you’ll have the most fun and do an even better job at enabling interaction with your brand if you concentrate your creative efforts on coming up with ideas for the key focal points and most interactive areas of your office, including but not limited to the reception area, lobby or atrium, conference room, and employee cafeteria or breakroom.

    • Get the reception desk right. Consider it the home page for your company’s physical manifestation. Choose an elegant office reception desk to match an elegant brand – or is yours more about fun, strength, wealth, health, etc? Should it have smooth curvy lines of wood, or should it be stocky, square and green marble? Should the logo, slogan, or simply the name of the company be inlaid? Would a more open or higher and closed desk with a counter be the right solution? (In other words, is your brand more personable or aloof?) If you can’t find the right match, you can buy a used reception desk that comes close for cheap and fix it up in a way that better resembles the look you’re going for.
    • The fabric and comfort of the chairs in the lobby says a lot. Make sure you take the hospitable route and create a comfortable arrangement that can handle the average number of visitors with enough walk room and personal space. Herman Miller, CubeKing Stratus, and Arcadia lounge chairs are just a few great selections offered by CubeKing a California-based national discounter of new and used office furniture.
    • Catching people when and where they’re gathered eating is the perfect opportunity to make them think and share their thoughts in a conversation. Are more casual and elegant bar stools better for your cafeteria, or would task chairs do? Be creative with the refrigerator magnets – maybe order some logo shaped ones? Bottle caps with product labels under the fiber glass table top can be a fun twist to a normal setting.
    • Conference rooms are great places to utilize technology – phones, computers, televisions, projector screens, and other displays to create a deeper interaction and capture a deeper feeling about your brand. This is, after all, the place where the major decisions get made about whether your client is buying into your brand.
    • Interfacing your brand with guests via artwork, design, awards, ads and other exhibits or showcases of work is a great way to show what your company can do.
    • Consider performing demonstrations of your product, including it in the structure of a task, etc. Just as many restaurants have plopped their stuff on the wall, your product can be there too. Trivia games on exciting research you have done can bring your visitor into an e-Learning experience.
    • Also, a lobby computer kiosk that guests can use to check their mail or check out information about the team members or company website is a cool way for waiting guests to learn more about, be helped by, and interact with your company.
    • Go the extra mile. A branded salt and pepper shaker at lunch can spark a conversation. A grab bag of goodies at the reception desk on the way out can be a memorable and lasting example of good customer service and the complete branded environment.

    Green Initiative Office FurnitureLevel 5: Ultimate Brand Legacy – Architecture & Franchise

    The final level of creating a branded environment in the office is really about expanding to spruce up the exterior or adding fundamental additions to the inside. If you have multiple office locations, you can stand out from the competition even more by having that signature Pizza Hut rooftop architecture.

    Think about ways you can create a similar impact on the inside:

    • An interesting water fountain in the shape of your logo.
    • Lights can be a very subtle but powerful way to include corporate colors.
    • Custom framing your LCD TV with some shape that peers deeper into your brand.
    • A zip line down the hallway; a project folder / lunch conveyor belt; a rotating “sushi” conference table, etc. Movement generates energy and reflects the energy of your brand.
    • Build on the Level 4 interactions with closer attention to details – trade magazines or trivia/brainteaser games in the lobbies, interesting departmental signage (think about how a theme park would do it).
    • Don’t forget the bathroom. We’ve run into companies that take the heads of the restroom symbols and replace them with their rounded logos.
    • Proceed with Caution: Perhaps an office pet?

    Once you achieve this level, you’ll know the answer to why you always walk past the produce section of the grocery store.How CubeKing Can Help You Brand Your Office and Office Furniture

    We have the interior designers, space planners, and trained liquidators and installers of office furniture you need to get the job done. CubeKing carries a robust offering of high quality used office furniture and new office furniture, with everything from name brands and to the hard-to-find vintage and import models. As America’s #1 Office Furniture Discounter, we have the advantage of providing you with large quantities so you’re sure to get all the matching office furniture you need, along with the even more incredible savings of quantity discounts! So get out your tape measurer, print this out, and get started by calling CubeKing at 1-888-399-7025, emailing us at, or visiting our site at

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