CubeKing’s Mesh Office Task Chairs

Mesh office task chairs are becoming all the rage! The benefits include design, aesthetic, and usage aspects, and make these chairs so popular that more and more office furniture manufacturers are producing them. That means we’ll carry a wider selection so you can find just the right one for you.

Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

  • Durable Design– Quality manufacturing and materials make these chairs top-notch and built to last.
  • Non-Conforming– Most padded chairs will eventually conform to your body to the point that the padding doesn’t help much anymore. Mesh chairs eliminate that problem.
  • Ergonomic– Mesh chairs provide comfort and support in the right areas to eliminate back and posture problems, reduce stress, and fit the natural curves of your body.
  • Sheer Comfort– Mesh chairs just mesh with you.
  • Lets You Breathe– The mesh allows air to cool your back which keeps sweat off you and the chair and helps to regulate temperature.
  • Easy to Clean– Crumbs and spills don’t stick as easily and the materials are easy to clean.
  • All the Bells & Whistles– These chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer the full range of accessory and comfort control variations.
  • Cool & Edgy Aesthetic– With improved technology comes better style. Mesh chairs say something positive about your company’s brand and help to brand your office environment.
  • Affordable– Call CubeKing today for the best prices nationwide on used office furniture!

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Looking for Some Fast Cash for Your Company?…

The 2007 – 2008 recession has seen some tough times for several aspects of the US economy. Bear Stearns and airline companies plummeting, prices for gas, oil, and food soaring, the inflation and weakening of the dollar, and the lowest unemployment rate since 2003 (5%) with almost 18 million unemployed competing for less than 4 million job openings. What this means is a lot of companies are downsizing, reorganizing, and yet many are aggressively expanding. It also means that everybody is trying to save some money.

…We Can Help You Save Thousands On New and Used Office Furniture!

We can help with both saving money and reorganizing and recouping your company. Here at CubeKing, we believe in saving a buck. How about thousands? Budget priced office furniture never looked so beautiful, as you can see with our high quality selection of brand name office furniture – both new and used, all in excellent condition – all for an unbelievable, reassuring low price. We will not be beat on used office furniture, GUARANTEED.

But that’s not the only way we save you money. We’ll help you buy quality, sustainable furniture, built to last. Buying from us also yields you the money-saving benefits of a one-stop shop. We liquidate office furniture. We move, remove, and store office furniture. And of course we know all about it, inside and out, and can recommend the right office furniture solution and install it. Feng shui it, you name it.

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The final and concluding segment in our “Spring Cleaning at Your Office” sectional is… you guessed it! – about investing in some new used or brand new office furniture. Try whatever pine tree shaped air refreshener you can find out there, nothing spruces up a new car like new car smell. The same goes for your office, and a fresh new acquired scent should go with a fresh, clean, spring office.

Spring is the time for office moving and redesigning. One, because it’s not cold. Two, because not too many people are on vacation. And three, because you’re not (hopefully) already preparing for Christmas! It’s also a good time to get serious about how you can improve over last year’s performance and even last quarter’s. A new money-making asset to the company such as new office furniture is 100% sure to lift spirits, increase productivity, and boost results.

CubeKing’s new office furniture offerings include everything under the sun such as cubicles, cubicle components, workstations, call centers, storage solutions, book cases, filing cabinets, desks and desk sets, tables, office chairs and seating. We also offer special enhancement items like reception desks and private offices. Our used furniture offerings include tons of quality brand name great condition workstations and cubicles, desks and desk sets, chairs and seating, and storage options and tables.

Our Guarantee

For years we have guaranteed the lowest price on used office furniture. We still can’t be beat. Call us now before your boss or your boss’s boss goes on vacation and get the ball rolling on a new office furniture system for your office this spring. Tell your boss Christmas CAN come in spring and SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON USED OFFICE FURNITURE.

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Back again for the next step of the “Spring Cleaning at Your Office” sectional. Now that we have decluttered and solved our storage problems, the loose pieces are cleaned up and settled away. It’s time to strategize and shift gears a bit to orchestrate our space for a fresher, rejuvenated feel. Here are some key points to ponder and tasks to get the most out of your office space and office furniture.


Now that the dust has settled (and is vacuumed up) it’s time to rehash the main objectives of your company and integrate them into the environment.

  • How does your working environment allow you and your comrades to not only aim for the target but shoot for the stars?
  • What office furniture or arrangement or office equipment could help achieve these goals more effectively?
  • Create a better atmosphere?
  • Richer company culture?
  • What problems might you be having with your office furniture currently?
  • What is your company’s brand? Is your company repositioning itself?
  • Is your company expanding and at what rate?


The reconfiguration process can be divided up into 2 simple phases.

  1. Move around the office furniture that you have once you have the clutter out of the way, things stored away, and a clear objective.
  2. Get a space planner. Work with them to decide what should go, what should stay, and what else you need in terms of an effective office furniture system. CubeKing is known for its excellent customer satisfaction and detail-oriented space planning services by clients across the USA, along with its quality used office furniture inventory.

Some questions to ask during this phase include:

  • Who works with who, and who supervises who? Is this evident from the arrangement of your office?
  • Are there any slackers who need extra supervision?
  • Are you looking for an open air environment? What amount of privacy and sequestering do your employees require?
  • Are your office furniture arrangements conducive to teamwork and performance, overall convenience, and easy collaboration?
  • Is it easy to walk around and get in and out of chairs and drawers?
  • Do you and your employees feel claustrophobic?


After all this spring cleaning and work, your company deserves some R & R. Keep it by inventing a rejuvenated atmosphere through your “new” clean and reconfigured office. Utilize feng shui and effective interior decoration to sprinkle some spice of life into your work areas. Consider painting for a better aesthetic and cool company color integration. Make sure that windows and floor vents aren’t covered up and lights are burning brightly. And have some fun. After all it is spring

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We continue our segment on getting your office spic and span and in shape this spring with some elaboration on the next step in the process: storing stuff. After you remove the trash, clutter, and unorganized messes, the next thing you want to do is find smart storage areas for your office supplies, equipment (even furniture itself). Here are some suggestions:

Book Cases

Great for more than just books, book cases make it easy to access files, magazines, books, and media at a glance. More sophisticated than shelves, book cases will free up a lot of room in your office and even allow for stacking on top.

Shelves & Countertops

Shelves, especially cubicle shelves, are great components for convenient office items in an easily accessible area. Countertops attach to the side of your desk, reception desk, or cubicle and are great for papers, files, phones, and tissue boxes.

Filing Cabinet Systems

Many workstations we carry come with filing cabinets and pedestals. They are also available sold separately or in quantity discounts with workstations. Check out our website frequently, or see our New Inventory listings here on the blog for golden opportunities to cherry pick quality brand name used office furniture that is in mint condition!

Desk, Cubicle, and Workstation Functionality:

Multilevel Desks

These desks offer space saving and ergonomic design. The keyboard slides out, the monitor is raised to your eye level, and you have plenty of room freed up in between.

Corner, L, P and Cello Shaped Work Surfaces

These workstation and desk solutions offer extra room for papers, elbows, and egos. All finest quality, with work surfaces that seriously raise effectiveness and morale.


Ever think of your desk’s design as storage in and of itself? Cubicles are a huge way of compacting the work environment to allow more employees to work in less space, both comfortably and cost effectively. Similary, workstations arranged in pod layouts are great ways to collaborate, build teams, and get the job done in a non-claustrophobic, efficient work environment.


Get creative! Tables can be a great way of providing broad work and meeting surfaces while allowing enough room for pedestal cabinets and other storage bins beneath. Try to think of other ways to pack some effectiveness into your space.

Overhead Cabinets, Compartments, Bins, and Other Storage Solutions

We offer a great variety of storage solutions providing convenience, easy use, personal or shared storage systems and more. Ask our expert staff for the smartest solution for your storage. Call CubeKing today at 1-888-399-7025 or visit our site for more information.

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